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Big Kids Success Stories

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What Our Patients Say

We are PROUD of our patients and the progress they make while under our care. There’s nothing we enjoy more than CELEBRATING our patients’ successes along with them. And when there’s something good happening in our lives, we feel inclined to share it with others, right? Using personal stories to share the power of chiropractic with others is one of the most valuable tools our practice can use to encourage others to give chiropractic a try – a decision that can be life-changing! We love sharing pictures and stories of our patients in the interest of showing others that real people are getting great results here at Hanson Family Chiropractic. Has Hanson Family Chiropractic made a difference in your life? We’d love to hear about it! Please share your story with us.

Changed My Life

EevieThe difficulties started when I was 7 and lasted for years. It was to the point where it felt like someone was snapping my spine. It definitely affected the way I played with others and when I came here for the first time, it changed my life. I have felt way better and more energized in the morning, I can run around more while still being able to stay up later at night now. Dr. Dave is a very funny person in general, and the front dest ladies definitely made me want to join them when I get older!


Welcoming Team

mom and sonWe began with chiropractic care when my son started having behavior issues with having big emotions throughout the day. Some health improvements we have seen have been better sleep and being able to deescalate big emotions over small problems.Dr. Hanson and his wonderful team are just so welcoming and make you feel like a part of their family. They provide so many fun experiences from little special healthy treats for kids to mothers day mocktails! We feel so lucky to have found Hanson Family Chiropractic!


The Entire Team At HFC Is Wonderful

Picture of Katie Brennan and Ian“Two years ago we were what I thought was a normal family with two kids and parents juggling two careers (busy, exhausted, stressed, sick all of the time, etc.). The tipping point was a severe reaction to antibiotics in our oldest son. He was given another round to help fight a recurring ear infection only to have his entire body break out in a rash and his face swell so bad that he couldn’t open his eyes. It was awful to see how miserable he was and I was desperate for a different solution. I came across a story about how Dr. Dave had helped another little boy with frequent ear infections. I called and spoke to Natasha – who probably could sense the level of panic and worry in my voice. She was amazing at calming me and got us in right away. Around this same time, I was bouncing through doctors trying to figure out why my right knee was swelling so bad I could barely bend it most days of the week. There was no injury present and I made my way through two rheumatologists – which was a scary experience as a young mom who is so used to being physically active.

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The medication side effects were terrifying to me and I also became determined to try alternate solutions. After our initial discussion with Dr. Dave, I decided that my younger son and I would also get scanned and start treatment. We haven’t looked back! Fast forward two years to today and I’m so thankful that we are all receiving chiropractic care regularly. We have not had to visit the pediatrician for ear pain in over two years now. I’m happy to report that my joint issues are almost non-existent, managed through chiropractic care, diet changes, and trying my best to control stress levels in this crazy parenting journey. I’m back to running regularly, riding bikes, climbing the play structures at the park, and everything else a mom of two active boys should be able to do. The entire team at HFC is wonderful. They treat us all like family and are genuinely interested in the well being of everyone who walks through the door. I’m so thankful I stumbled upon a testimonial from another patient during one of the most stressful times in our family. Through many changes, most of which were inspired by the HFC crew, I feel like we are thriving and enjoying life raising our boys. Thank you for all you do for us!”



Thank You!

Bennett began having anxious feelings at around 8 years old and it kept him from doing things he really enjoys. Since starting chiropractic care Bennett does not experience the same level in anxiety anymore and when he does get nervous and we can talk through it much easier. Everyone is so kind and welcoming! They also think of the best office events.

- C.E.

cutie ella

We Love The Staff and Dr. Dave

We noticed our little girl struggling in school with focus and when her teacher was noticing it more frequently, we knew we needed to check things out. Ella is sleeping much sounder, focusing in school a lot better- even jumped from B’s to A’s! Her disposition is much happier and she hasn’t caught nearly as many germs as her sibling. We LOVE the staff & Dr. Dave. Everyone is super friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We choose HFC over any other chiro ANY DAY. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

- L.P.

Thank You For Saving Our Son & Our Vacation!

Carter child celebration We all know that Dr. Dave is awesome at keeping us aligned and our immunities boosted. He’s great with babies, kids, and adults. The staff is amazing! I have always felt they go above and beyond. Did you know though, that he also can treat jellyfish stings from 4,000 miles away! My family and I went to Hawaii earlier this year. We decided to take a boat trip up the Napoli Coast to snorkel. While we were snorkeling, my son was stung by a jellyfish. The jellyfish wrapped itself around his arm and leg. The crew got him back on the boat and started treating him. They removed the stingers from his body. He was in a lot of pain. The movies do not prepare you for what really happens when you are stung by a jellyfish…especially that many times. Even though my son had a crew of people taking care of him, including the Captain, he only wanted to talk to one person….Dr. Dave. He repeatedly told us the only person who could calm him down was Dr. Dave. So as a mother, what do you do? You call Dr. Dave’s office. It was during the lunch hour when they were closed, but I left a message and a Facebook message.

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Why listen to people who have lived in Hawaii their whole lives when you have a Doctor in the Midwest who will obviously know what to do. Do you know who called us back while we were in the middle of the ocean? Dr. Dave! I had to interrupt the Captain (who was assessing whether we should go back to shore) so my son could talk to Dr. Dave. I still don’t really know what Dr. Dave said to him, but it worked. Minutes after talking to him, my son was watching dolphins swim alongside the boat. So you see. Dr. Dave isn’t just a chiropractor. He truly cares about his patients. He didn’t have to call us back but I am so glad he did. Dr. Dave….thank you for saving our son and our vacation.


Incredibly Warm & Patient

Charlie“Charlie was diagnosed with binocular vision dysfunction convergence insufficiency and visual-motor deficits. He was also having sensory issues. He developed weakness on his left side and a head tilt due to his vision challenges. He began OT in March of 2019 and vision therapy in August 2019. We were seeing results, but wanted to see even more relief and results. This is a child who at one point would walk into door frames and miss his chair. We were seeing fantastic results with other therapies, BUT within the first 30 days of chiropractic care, he slept better, began to ride his scooter, began to ride a 2 wheel bike, and learned to tie his shoes! Dr. Hanson has been wonderful! He is very thorough, patiently explains and answers questions, and best of all Charlie feels really comfortable with him. The front desk staff is incredibly warm and patient. They are so positive and caring. It feels like home here!”


Tons of Good Advice and Encouragement

Joey F.“Joey was in 5th grade when I started searching for answers. His focus in school was declining and he had no control of his emotions. I had exhausted every supplement, therapy, medication, specialist, and sleep study. Chiropractic care was my last resort. I had seen a documentary on chiropractic care, the nervous system, and how it all connects to our overall health. Meeting Dr. Dave and his staff really “sealed the deal.” I felt reassured by their calm manners, knowledge, and concrete scans that showed Joey’s progress. Joey is very, very cautious around medical professionals and it amazed me that he allowed Dr. Dave to move his body and touch him without a flinch or protest. Joey can sit through an hour and a half session with his occupational therapist with no refusals! He is not reluctant to try anything new. He loves playing new games and has made improvements in his basketball skills! Friendly smiles, warm greetings, hugs, and amazing ‘room 10′ are a few of his favorite things! Those things combined with tons of good advice and encouragement have made all the difference”


So Warm and Welcoming

A.G.“We started chiropractic care because of stunted growth. Giovanni stopped following his own growth curve and went from the 50th percentile to the 3rd and hadn’t budged at all in 3 years. He also took a very long time to recover from illnesses. Now Giovanni bounces back the fastest out of everyone in the family when he’s sick. But more importantly, since completing his chiropractic care, Giovanni’s height has increased from the 3rd percentile to the 8th! It’s not a huge jump but his height INCREASED when it hasn’t moved up in percentile in 3 years! The week following the end of his care his appetite greatly improved and has been going strong ever since! The kids were always excited to go to the ‘doctor with the toys’ every week. Everyone at HFC is so warm and welcoming!”

-A. G.

Great Improvements

TeoTheo has a rare genetic condition causing global developmental delays, hypotonia and the inability to sit, stand or walk. Since starting chiropractic care, we have seen improvements in two major aspects of Theo’s life. His vestibular system is more balanced, eliminating his startle reflex when picked up and improving his core strength and stability. In addition, Theo’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep has greatly improved. We have been able to reduce the use of sedatives and Theo seems more rested and aware. In general , Theo is happier and more stable since we started at HFC. To put it simply, he smiles more (and isn’t that the most important thing?). We love finding out who will be adjusting Theo when we arrive – because we are never disappointed! Theo was comfortable with both doctors from the beginning, something that usually takes weeks/months. Dr. Hanson and Dr. Hopper are such a joy, they genuinely care about what is going on in Theo’s life and they are easy to talk to.


Truly a Joy to Visit

Dr. Dave and his staff have been amazing in so many ways. They are friendly beyond words which can be rare to find at times. It’s truly a joy to visit for appointments. The personalized plan has me very hopeful in a successful outcome for my boys!


Feels Like Our Home Away From Home – NeuroStorm Success

C-c“Like his older brother, Cameron was finally diagnosed with autism. Autism is hard. It’s also just one part of a person who has it. For us, autism is seeking sensory input, significantly delayed speech, and a lot of future unknowns. It’s hard not to worry. Even with an ABA therapy team, a whole-food-based diet, and an active lifestyle. We felt something more could be done to advocate for our boys. Since care at HFC began, Cam is trying to randomly and purposefully vocalize new sounds! He can request items without relying solely on pointing. We love hearing his voice! The entire staff is like a family. The environment is like a home away from home. My boys get excited when I pick them up from school and say, “We’re on our way to see the Dr. Daves!


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

A Happy Member of the HFC Family – NeuroStorm Success

Calvin photo“Calvin was diagnosed with autism at age four. Even with early intervention services and a variety of therapy types, he still has speech and sensory challenges. Several weeks ago, Calvin had his first scan. He has had three adjustments per week. Imagine our excitement to learn that HFC’s philosophy of health and wellness directly overlaps with our own. Whole foods, exercise, and ABA therapy have helped Calvin overcome challenges, but we wondered, could the doctors provide us with the missing piece to unlock Calvin’s true potential? In the short time our son has become a member of the HFC family, we are happy to report that his speech has expanded and improved. He now completes song lyrics, spontaneously uses three and four word phrases, and seeks out his peers. He was not doing these things before care at HFC! Yay Calvin! Warm, inviting, and genuine! No pressure, just had the feeling that this would be a safe, healthy, and beneficial environment to help us advocate for our son.”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

We Love Being Part Of The HFC Tribe – NeuroStorm Success

rumi“We started chiropractic care as a last resort for Rumi when we were not seeing any results from visiting other doctors and specialists. Rumi stopped talking when she turned 3 years old and began to have digestive issues which resulted in chronic constipation for over a year and a half. She was also diagnosed with Autism due to her regression in April of 2018. Due to her constipation, she seemed to always be miserable and uncomfortable. We weren’t able to leave the house most days because she wouldn’t want to keep her pants on because she always felt like she had to use the bathroom. It was ruining our lives. We tried seeing a GI specialist and did what they recommended and STILL did not resolve her issues. I started doing research and found that Hanson Family Chiropractic was specialized in pediatric therapy and had so many great reviews. So, I decided to make the 40 minute drive and meet with Dr. Hanson for a consultation. We are 6 weeks through therapy and Rumi’s constipation issues have fully resolved!!

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Not only is she having regular daily bowel movements, but she is all around a much happier and healthier little person. She has begun using words again, trying new foods, and even plays with her younger sister who she used to avoid and ignore completely. It has truly been life changing for her and us, as a family! All 3 of my kids get treated by Dr. Hanson and Dr. Hopper. They love both of them and are excited to see them when we come in. The staff is incomparable. They are AMAZING. They’ve become like family to us and we are so glad God sent us this way. They go above and beyond to accommodate and make you feel welcome. They even help me take the kids back to the car when I need an extra hand! Everyone always asks me why I drive so far to take my kids to a chiropractor when there are so many near where we live. My answer to them is that when I first met Dr. Hanson, he was so passionate about chiropractic therapy and knowledgeable that I felt in my heart this was where we were meant to be. The whole office makes the 40 minute drive worth every second. We love being part of the HFC Tribe.”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

We Love Our Visits!

Savannah and Dr. HansonSavannah started care to improve her sinuses – she was repeatedly getting chronic sinus infections and constant ear infections. After our pediatrician confirmed that he would only treat her with antibiotics once more (since she had so many rounds already), before she would need to see an ENT for tubes. After seeing the success our youngest son has had with his adjustments, I knew I needed to bring Savannah to Dr. Dave. We left our pediatricians office 8 weeks ago with a diagnosis that Savannah would more than likely have an ear infection within 6 weeks due to the amount of fluid behind her eardrums. Her right ear was 100% blocked. I’m happy to say, Savannah has NOT had an ear infection. In the short amount of time she has received treatment, I do see an improvement and am thrilled with the results. One of a kind! My kids absolutely love the front desk staff and their willingness to make sure my kiddos leave with a smile. Dr. Dave has also been amazing to our family. He takes the time to explain, educate, and is fantastic with kids! We love our visits!


The Brightest Spot In Our Week – NeuroStorm Success

Neurostorm-maddux-testimonial“Maddux was two years old when a vaccine injury caused speech disfluency and limping and the emotional outbursts began shortly after that. The limping went away after awhile but the speech disfluency and the emotional outbursts got worse. The frustration he felt over the speech disfluency caused emotional outbursts and the emotional outbursts increased his disfluency. Right before Maddux began speech therapy, he told me he felt hopeless. We began speech therapy and saw small successes and a little progress. His speech therapist still wasn’t seeing the results she’d hoped for and more issues seemed to keep popping up. After chiropractic care, Maddux’s disfluency is almost non-existent. In fact, just last week, his speech therapist told us she thinks she will be able to discharge him as a speech therapy patient!! Maddux’s emotional outbursts are better and things that once were once huge triggers to his emotional outbursts no longer phase him. Everyone at HFC is so kind, thoughtful, and caring to myself and my whole crew! Every day that we go to HFC is the brightest spot in our week. Dr. Dave and Dr. Hopper are awesome and my kids feel so comfortable around them. Dr. Hopper did a great job explaining to me what was going on inside Maddux’s body and coming up with a care plan for him.”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

Forever Grateful

Johnston family“This may be long winded but every word is sincere. Our family first met Dr. Dave and his wife Kristen in 2014 at a farmer’s market on River St. in Batavia. We were very blurry eyed due to our then 3 year old with endless energy, monthly fever episodes, and having periodic night terrors, and his little 9-month-old brother who was having terrible sleep issues. At the farmers market we never pay much attention to all the tents except for the ones we meant to visit. Dr. dave and his wife Kristen were standing in their HFC tent handing out literature. At the time we had never really even thought of Chiropractic care as a solution for any of our problems. They were not those people at the farmers market who try to reel you in and buy whatever it is they’re selling, they were very laid back and simply answered any questions we had. The thing that caught our eye was the “Sleep better” point on their board they had set up. They had our interest. We talked more on the way home from the farmers market and decided to give it a shot because anything was better than a toddler having night terrors on top of a 9 months old getting terrible sleep. Speeding this up to a quick synopsis of each of our family members, the 9 month old, now 4, who has been going to HFC ever since, is sleeping at least 10-12 hours a night.

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When he first started he was also having lots of GI issues. Chiropractic care has helped greatly with his digestion and tummy issues. Any time we are sick, we bring him in for a boost visit and he gets over his illness so much faster. He is doing great in school, and loves going to his Dr. Dave appointments. Once we saw what chiropractic care was doing for our little one, we decided the bring in his older brother. His older brother was having night terrors, monthly fever episodes with no other symptoms and last summer developed significant uncontrollable tantrums. Since he has been going, he also sleeps any average10-12 hours a night. His endless cycle of 3 days a month fever episodes stopped. His behavior has become much more regulated and his tantrums went from violent 2 hours fights to we are able to bring him back around to calm much faster. After returning to his weekly adjustments last summer, he was able to start communicating during his tantrums and identify his feels, compared to his complete shut down previously. He is also doing great in school (dismissed from Speech services and totally rocking his PT and OT goals!), and also loves going to his Dr. Dave appointments. Once we saw how great these two were doing, next came Momma Bear. Momma is a teacher and is constantly busy. Mom also struggles with anxiety and depression and balancing high stress levels. After months of feeling “bled”, Mom knew she needed to work on getting her whole body back on track. Through weekly visits, Mom was able to gain back that sense of calm and balance. Chiropractic care allowed her body to form healthier responses to stress! Yay! You can’t talk about all these benefits without mentioning the people who provide them. Starting with the quarterback, himself, Dr. Dave. Dr. Dave is dedicated to his patients and his family. He is extremely professional and is always willing to lend an ear or give an opinion if you ask him. He never hesitates to give you extra time if you have questions about your care or just about life in general. He takes a few minutes every visit just to catch up and ask how everyone is doing, so don’t forget to ask him how his own awesome family is doing. So who is a quarterback without his from line? Kristen, Natasha, Brittany, Rachael, and Dena are probably some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They greet you every single time, by name, with welcoming smile. They never make a big deal out of having to reschedule an appointment which it seems like our family constantly has to do. They are always willing to take a second to see if they can squeeze you in wherever it will work best for you. Also, if you’r like us, sometimes you completely forget you have an appointment even if you get that text message the day before to remind your forgetful self. Life is busy, SO DON’T FORGET YOUR APPOINTMENT. We have recommended Dr. Dave Dr. Dave and his team to many friends who we think might benefit from it. If we hear someone have any kind of complaint with themselves or their child and we think “Oh, I bet Dr. Dave could fix that” we don’t keep it a secret. We think this team deserves every bit of praise they get through all the reviews they get and with the addition of the new Dr. Dave and his teammates, we think this office will only grow and get better. Our kids already talk to them as if they’ve been there forever and like getting their adjustments from new Dr. Dave equally. We truly couldn’t imagine our lives without chiropractic care in it! It has truly made an amazing difference. We are forever grateful that we gave it a shot 4 years ago and never looked back!”


The Hanson Family Practice is Exceptional!

Woman with childrenWe began chiropractic care for Abigail in hope it would help her eczema to heal. She had pretty intense eczema on her face and also her limbs. We tried a restricted diet, supplements, probiotics and all the creams. For myself, I was looking for relief from chronic tension migraines and shoulder pain. I had tried yoga and massage. I was in a lot of pain and it was hindering my workouts and my sleep. Abigail’s eczema is mostly gone! It has completely cleared from her arms and legs. And her face only flares up when she is getting a new tooth and only for a day or 2. Also, she is sleeping through the night!! My tension headaches are gone!! My shoulder pain is gone!! The Hanson Family practice is exceptional! Every single team member is warm and professional. Our whole family feels cared for and we all enjoy our time in the office. Dr. Hanson is compassionate, gentle and takes his time to listen both to our words – as well as our bodies! Thank you!


Hugh Smiling

We Love the HFC Team

“We started care at Hanson Family Chiropractic because Hugh was having a difficult time with bowel movements, making eating tough. As parents we were frustrated and sad for our son. Currently we are celebrating Hugh pooping his pants! Hugh’s balance has also improved and can now keep up with his older brother. We love the HFC team. They always have a smile on their face and take good care of us.”


No Snoring, More Energy

Daisy photoDaisy started seeing Dr. Dave due to the combination of Snoring/Apnea and Ear Infections that had started at 1 year which slightly escalated as she aged and worsened at 2. Daisy did not sleep well. She woke up at least 1 time a night and complained she was still tired when she woke in the morning. We tried multiple antibiotics, consulted with multiple ENT’s (Including a Pediatric ENT). We were recommended for Tubes and Adenoid removal. Almost immediately Daisy no longer snores! She has more energy (who knew that was possible) AND has had no ear infections!! Both Dr. Daves are GREAT! Dr. Hopper treats Daisy and is very great with her. She loves coming to see everyone here and as Daisy states she loves “Doctors with NO vaccinations!” Dr. Hopper has also helped our family with identifying major cause of my husbands sleep apnea and will soon be treating him as well!


My Son Can Focus – NeuroStorm Success

Lucas photo“My son Joshua started care when he was 7 years old due to him having sensory issues and ADHD. He couldn’t focus or sit still and he always had to be touching something or holding something in his hand. Soon after starting care he was able to sit at his desk for longer periods of time. His focus has gotten better slowly as the years have gone by. He is now almost 11 years old and he was not needed to go on any ADD medication. His health has improved as well because Dr. dave helped me realize that he had an intolerance to dairy. Joshua has been healthy. No more ear infections or bronchitis. He also can sit and focus much better without the use of medication which was my main goal since they have side effects. Joshua thinks Dr. dave is really funny and is very comfortable going to get his adjustments. The staff are very sweet and kind to Joshua and make him feel very special”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

So Thankful for What They Did for our Son

Dylan photo“We started chiropractic care 2 years ago when my son had his first ear infection. I had heard that chiropractic care could help with ear infections, so I gave it a try. I was thrilled when my son’s ear infection cleared without needing to give him antibiotics. My son was also struggling with loose bowel movements. He would have to go after each meal and it never looked quite right. After a few adjustments my son started having solid and healthy bowel movements! I couldn’t believe it because he had struggled with this issue for so long, it had become normal for him. He has also never had another ear infection! Dr. Dave and his team are the absolute best! I so enjoy coming in and seeing them all. They are the most friendly, knowledgeable, awesome people! I am very thankful to Dr. Dave and how he has helped my family.”


Gracie photo

No More Ear Infections

“Gracie began chiropractic after such a great experience for her brother. Every winter, Gracie’s colds would always settle in her ears, resulting in several ear infections. Once the initial scans were done, we noticed Gracie had an unsettled nervous system. With chiropractic care, Gracie has had mild colds and a mild case of the flu, but NO ear infections! I attribute the mild cases to her system being strong and healthy now. Her scans are clear, and she is sleeping soundly after three years of nightly waking! She is outgrowing a need for a daily nap, but the sound sleep at night is allowing her to wake up rested each day!”


Reaching Her Full Potential

Audrey photo“We initially tried chiropractic care for our daughter as a possible remedy for some skin and gut issues she was experiencing. But after seeing how much improvement she made in other areas, we were blown away by the difference. With four kids and mom all wanting care, and after an intense restoration phase, Audrey made the most improvement so we felt she didn’t need to continue. This would allow other family members to get the help they needed on our tight budget. After a few months, we didn’t see any major issues with her return, but we also saw some of the positive benefits diminish. Chiropractic care helped with her balance, focus and anxiety. It also was something she ended up missing, even though at first she thought she didn’t need it. We made the not so tough call to continue with visits for Audrey because it simply helped her in so many ways. We always joke that you have no idea how good you can feel until you try chiropractic care and that sums up Audrey’s experience well. Until she had full functioning, she never knew what really good felt like in her body. Once she knew, she could tell when she didn’t have it again. Now, she wants to go back and continue her visits. She loves it, and we love seeing her reach her full potential through chiropractic care at Hanson Family Chiropractic.”



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