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Meet the Staff of HFC

Business Manager, Kristen Hanson

Kristen Hanson, Business Manager

Kristen is pleased to manage different aspects of the business from home for Hanson Family Chiropractic. As a former teacher, she has always been passionate about working with and advocating for children. Working alongside her husband to help the people of Batavia live a better quality of life was a natural fit and easy decision for her.

Kristen was born and raised in the Batavia area where she attended Aurora Christian schools and met her future husband, Dr. David Hanson. She obtained a master’s degree and taught in the Oswego school district for eight years before diving into the chiropractic world whole-heartedly.  “While I’ll always be a teacher at heart and plan on going back someday, what’s happening to the health of the children in this country has called me to act. At Hanson Family Chiropractic, I have a unique opportunity to directly impact the physical well-being of children and their families. Health is the greatest wealth! Imagine if we had a country of healthy kids growing up into healthy, vibrant, productive, happy adults…our world would see incredible positive change!”

Living a healthy lifestyle takes a great deal of commitment, but it’s something she strives for in order to keep her family living life at 100%. “Daily we make a conscious effort to eat organic foods to nourish and fuel our bodies. We keep our bodies moving with family walks, CrossFit, weightlifting and morning runs. It’s important to our family that we avoid toxin exposure by using natural products to clean our bodies and our home. Most importantly, we make sure to get our regular weekly chiropractic adjustments, including our sons Jack and Jonathan. Jack is three years old and Jonathan is nine months old, and it is critical that their spinal health is maintained during their growth and development years.”

Recently becoming a mother has renewed her commitment to the children and the families of the surrounding community. “Children are the future, so let’s be proactive about their health! We want the children of Batavia to have the same advantage our sons have, so we are working tirelessly to get our message out to the community that kids needs chiropractic care as much as their mommies and daddies do!”

Kristen has worked at Hanson Family Chiropractic since the opening day. She loves interacting with the HFC tribe! They swap recipes, life stories, and ideas for fun activities to do with the kids. “It truly is a family here at HFC, and we feel blessed to have such wonderful people come into our lives on a daily basis. We want nothing more than to help our patients experience life at full throttle – a vibrant, happy, healthy life!”

Office Manager, Natasha Rominski

Hanson Family Chiropractic Patient Care Coordinator, Natasha Rominski

Natasha Rominski, Office Manager

Natasha joined Hanson Family Chiropractic in May of 2015.   Having previously managed an Integrative medical clinic outside of Madison, WI, she is thrilled to be close to home where she can continue her love for natural and alternative medical modalities while being able to have more time with her family.

Her husband of 13 years, Brian, and 11 year old son, Jonah, have accompanied her on the journey toward learning more about health and wellness. Together, they enjoy healthy cooking, bike riding, hiking, and camping. Natasha is also an avid gardener and loves spending time outside with their rescue-dog, Greta.

“There is no greater gift to our children than teaching them that their health is within their control.   What we eat, how we treat our bodies, the words we choose about ourselves, and the people we surround ourselves with, directly contribute to our well being, and affect our lives in so many ways.  I am so blessed to be a part of the Hanson Family Chiropractic team and look forward to helping others feel their best!”

Chiropractic Assistant/Technician, Wendy LaCasse

Chiropractic Assistant/Technician, Wendy LaCasse

Wendy LaCasse, Chiropractic Assistant/Technician,

Wendy joined Hanson Family Chiropractic in November of 2018. She has an Advertising Degree from Michigan State University and has worked in various business capacities over the years. She has a strong background working with children of all ages and is so happy to have found her place pursuing her interest in health, nutrition and overall wellness.

Wendy grew up in Michigan and moved to Chicago shortly after graduating from college. She has lived in Batavia for the past 15 years with her husband, Matt, two teenage boys, Jack and Tyler and her 6-year old Great Dane/Husky mix, Roman. For the past few years Wendy has worked in different areas within the school system which helped her to foster a love for children and helping others to live their best life. Her personal interests include yoga, traveling, cooking, baking and an overall focus on mind, body and soul.

“I am so happy to be able to share my days with this beautiful Tribe. I am grateful to learn from, as well as assist others to regain their health and vitality. Being able to witness the benefits of Chiropractic care is something that I will forever be grateful for. We all have an innate ability to learn, live and heal and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.”