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Adult Testimonials

We are PROUD of our patients and the progress they make while under our care. There’s nothing we enjoy more than

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Dr. Dave and his family celebrate with you!

CELEBRATING our patients’ successes along with them. And when there’s something good happening in our lives, we feel inclined to share it with others, right? Using personal stories to share the power of chiropractic with others is one of the most valuable tools our practice can use to encourage others to give chiropractic a try – a decision that can be life-changing! We love sharing pictures and stories of our patients in the interest of showing others that real people are getting great results here at Hanson Family Chiropractic. Has Hanson Family Chiropractic made a difference in your life? We’d love to hear about it! Please share your story with us.

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What Our Patients Say

Kindness and Love from Everyone

Photo of Patient LynnI really started to listen to my body when I was treated for an eating disorder in my late teens and early twenties. Despite living a healthy and active life for all of my adult years, I’ve struggled with anxiety, migraines, jaw pain, high blood pressure, fertility problems, severe exhaustion, digestive issues, and brain fog. There was a day and moment in time that told me to stop everything. And most importantly stopping the countless voices of well meaning and some not so well meaning people telling me what I had, who I was, medicines to take, not to take, what I should and should not do. I began keeping a pain and symptom journal and took pictures with my phone of the changes going on in my body.

I try to celebrate the little things in my health everyday. I’ve learned that my body improvements come in many forms and sometimes that includes pain. But with that pain comes knowledge and strength. Chiropractic care encourages my curiosity and empowers the choices I make in my life. It helps keep me open and informed rather than entangled in fear.

Every person in the office I’ve encountered has been a fit and a part of something special in my life. Dr. Dave Hopper is wonderful and has been treating me through the good, the bad, the ugly! I’ve always felt kindness and love from everyone. Regardless of how I physically feel, I always leave my appointments positive, empowered and with insight.

- Lynn S.

Re-gained Mobility

Photo of Alex L.“I started Chiropractic care due to ongoing neck and upper back pain. The pain has been consistent for going on three years. I have tried sports therapy and different doctors.

I have re-gained almost all mobility in my neck, which has been a big help with my job and exercise.

Everyone has been very patient with my schedule. Staff is extremely welcoming and friendly.”

- Alex L.

Back to Myself

Eric photoI’m not sure what happened, but I woke up one morning and I had a stiff back. It could of been when I lifted a car off of a ducks foot that was trapped, or maybe from holding that two story building from collapsing until the contractors arrived to secure it. Maybe it was just from getting out of the car or picking up a napkin off the floor.

All I know is that it slowly progressed into debilitating spasms every 5 minutes. Now I know what it’s like to be in labor giving birth. Everything would cease up and the expression on my face looked like I just ate either a lemon or a chili pepper.

I thought a massage was the answer, I felt a little better but in the morning it was worse than before. I called Dr. Dave and I was there the next morning.

Knowledge is apart of the stress relief and after examining me, Dr. Dave explained what was going on with my back and most importantly laid out the road ahead of me. After the first adjustment, I was finally able to relax some. This was an acute situation for me, it effected everything I did, so any relief was welcome.

He shared with me the timeline, when I would be feeling almost back to normal but not to take that as being healed, there was still more work to be done to correct what my lifestyle had manifested. Dr. Dave was spot on and now I truly am back to my fully functional self.

You don’t fully appreciate your health until you are unable to do the simple things. Thank you Dr. Dave, your knowledge and treatment have brought me back to who I was, very thankful for you and your staff there at Hanson Family Chiro.

-Eric K.

Always Greeted With A Smile

Photo of Harley P.“Back pain is the reason why I started chiropractic care. Training for a half Ironman, which these races are new to me, is most likely the reason for my back pain. Being on my bike trainer and bending over for a length of time was something my body was not used to. At its worst it hurt to take a deep breath and that affected everything from training, to more importantly family, wrestling with my boys is a big deal in our house as that is all they want to do.

I’m improving every day with the help of Dr. Dave(s). My back/neck is feeling great right now and I know its because of the attention I’m receiving. Overall it’s helping me to train every day and to get wrestling back on the schedule.

The team always greets you with a smile. They know my family and often ask how they are doing. That makes it really nice when we visit.”

-Harley P.

My Pain And Stiffness Has Decreased

nancyl-testimonial“I started Chiropractic because my son was already receiving care and I realized it could benefit me as well. I have scoliosis so I had been suffering from back pain and stiffness. I also did a lot of driving for my job which caused a lot of back pain. I had never really done anything about it before because I thought it was just some things I would have to live with since my Scoliosis is so severe.

Since starting chiropractic care I have a lot less back pain and stiffness. I also have positional vertigo which also improved after receiving care.

Dr. Dave is one of the funniest doctors I have met and is always willing to joke around with me. His staff are all a bunch of sweethearts and make me feel so special when I walk in.”

-Amy B.

Photo of Hannah G.

A Better Version of Myself

“I started chiropractic care because I was having headaches at least 3 times a day and I also was having lower back pain. I had these issues for several months and it was affecting my work ability and how I was studying for school because I was not sleeping much. In the past I have tried medications to help with the headaches but they still came back.

My headaches have decreased a lot. If I was not in nursing school they would probably be totally gone. My lower back pain is also better. Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life because since my headaches have decreased a tremendous amount I am able to sleep better and be a better version of myself.

Dr. Dave and his team are wonderful! Every visit they are always so welcoming and very happy and upbeat. I always look forward to coming in for appointments.”

-Hannah G.

Dr. Dave Takes Time to Listen

nancyl-testimonial“All my life, I have been a headache sufferer with intense neck tension. It affected me badly in college, especially when taking written exams. My physician put me on muscle relaxers and pain killers for 8 months straight. Whenever I stopped taking them, all my headache-related symptoms returned. I had two rounds of physical therapy and even saw a surgeon for a consultation. Through my 20s, they worsened, especially during each of my pregnancies. I was having about 15 headaches each month. I turned to chiropractic for a hopeful permanent improvement.

Chiropractic changed many things for me. Not only did the adjustments help me feel better, I also learned about nutrition, which led me to remove gluten from my diet. That change drastically decreased my migraines. Chiropractic also opened my eyes to a better way to birth my children. With healthy eating and regular adjustments, I helped my body stay in alignment, which kept my babies in the position they needed to be for a healthy unscheduled delivery. I was able to let my body do what it was created to do. I still suffered some headaches through my pregnancy, but my adjustments greatly improved my daily quality of life. In Dr. Dave’s office with my third pregnancy, I had already been receiving regular adjustments there for a year prior. I experienced minimal lower back pain compared to previous pregnancies, and I slept beautifully through my entire pregnancy – up until the day I delivered. Overall, chiropractic has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle and allowed me to live without constant pain medication. Read More…

Dr. Dave and his team are living proof of what well-rounded health and wellness looks like. They have proven to be a valuable resource for my family’s health with chiropractic care, prenatal and postnatal care, nutrition and overall wellbeing. Dr. Dave takes time to listen and address concerns about my family’s health. The office environment is extremely family-friendly, and it is a fun place to visit. Chiropractic puts the body in its best place to heal itself without medical or chemical interventions. Give it a chance as a first stop option to see if it can help you!”

-Nancy K.

Everyone At This Office Is Wonderful

randi-testimonial“I came to Dr. Dave’s office with chronic, intermittent neck pain and headaches. This had been present for many years but had been getting worse. It felt like a knife going through the back of my neck and out my eye. The made work difficult and my days very long. I only felt like laying down with my eyes closed. I did not want to do anything else. I tried Tylenol, Icy Hot to take the edge off. If I went to bed with a headache, I just hoped it would be gone by the morning. I rarely get headaches anymore!

I recently gave birth to my first child, a son. Although I did not seek out Dr. Dave for the fertility/pregnancy reasons. I truly believe he played an important part in my health at this time. My pregnancy was uncomplicated and stress free. My delivery, although long, went well! I don’t know if I would have been prepared physically and mentally without Dr. Daves adjustments.

Simply put: everyone at this office is wonderful. It’s so nice to feel that the staff truly loves what they do. I don’t think I’ve ever left Dr. Daves office without a smile on my face.”

-Randi L.


I Feel So Much Better!

“I have had neck and back pain for 10 years. I took a lot of ibuprofen and had physical therapy which only have temporary relief. I usually ended up with a headache and stiff back and neck after doing anything from sitting, walking, driving, social events, etc.

I feel so much better! Not only my back and neck but I have more energy. I finally sleep better and it has pushed me to want to be all around healthier.

Dr. Dave and the team are great people. Their smiles and energetic positive attitudes are contagious! So helpful and accommodating!”

-Claudia N.

No More Headaches

Image of patient Cate P.“I started chiropractic care to improve overall health and to reduce headaches (they can be so debilitating!)

Recently I had a headache that lasted well over 24 hours and no matter what I tried (sleep, medicine, herbal support, cold cloth on head, etc) NOTHING worked!!! I walked in to Hanson Family Chiropractic with this horrible headache and after an adjustment, I walked out with NO headache and it never returned!”

-Cate P.

My Neck Pain is Reduced

“I started seeing a chiropractor skeptically, not sure it would really help or do anything. I had been experiencing significant neck and back pain for a few months, along with numbness all down my left leg and into my foot, and numbness in my left arm which I blamed on a desk job. I was living with regular pain, it affected my ability to workout, my ability to play with my kids and had me concerned that any strenuous physical activity would lead to further injury and more pain. I was managing pain with Tylenol regularly and when things were more severe with prescription medications for pain and muscle relaxers.

My health has improved since completing treatment! My pain is much reduced. When something does flare up, it also is quicker to improve. My ability to workout has returned with less fear of further injury. It’s hard to describe sometimes, my back just feels better, more relaxed, less stressed. The numbness in my arm has gone, and the numbness in my leg is less constant.

The team at HFC is great, everyone is genuinely kind and always takes time to make sure you feel welcome and cared for. Dr. Dave is always willing to answer questions even when he’s busy and very glad to explain things (in as much or as little detail as desired). Very happy to get to know these people over the course of my care.”

-Josh H.


Finally a Restful Night’s Sleep

I injured myself about 9 years ago. I have received chiropractic care on a regular basis since then. Hanson Family Chiropractic has made a huge difference in my life. My previous Doctor would adjust me just enough to keep me not in pain until the next visit. Dr. Dave on the other hand not only showed me with scans what was wrong in my body, but actually fixed it!

Since I could feel the difference, I chose to put my daughter under care as well. She was waking up nightly with terrors. Now she has a solid 10 hours of sleep!!

I can finally get a restful night sleep without waking up in pain and my daughter no longer has night terrors!

The team is so friendly and welcoming. They know everyones names and are great with children.

-Holly C.

I’m Able to Enjoy Everyday Activities!

I started chiropractic care after experiencing an increase in pain/discomfort in my lower back, hip, and right leg. My original injury was a herniated L4/L5 about 4 years ago. With the increase in pain and discomfort came a decrease of wanting to do everyday activities. I was ok if i had time to warm-up or stretch, however it would be painful to just go. So my job as a firefighter/paramedic became increasingly difficult. My past attempts to relieve this pain ranged from physical therapy, cortisone shots and chiropractic care.

I can honestly say that of recent time my pain/discomfort is almost non-existent. Im able to perform my job to the best of my ability and enjoy everyday activities. An added bonus has been the improvement in sleep I have been getting.

I can’t begin to describe how great Dr. Dave and his whole team are. From day 1 you feel as if you feel as if you have been going here for years. Every visit starts with a great “hello and how are you”. Then Dr. Dave is there to talk and explain everything and answer any questions.

-Dave H.

They Are My Sunshine on a Dark Day

testimonial-40A little over 3 years ago I was referred to Dr. Dave for my now 9-year old daughter, Lily, by our occupational therapist at My Recess in St. Charles. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, sensory processing disorder and a speech delay from the young age of 2 and was put into early intervention. She had a very difficult time focusing, staying still, sleeping, eating, etc. She suffers from anxiety and didn’t do well with change in general or changes in routine. When my therapist recommended chiropractic care I didn’t know too much about it. I called, made an appointment, and went to see the infamous Dr. Dave. His office was very professional, kid-friendly and inviting. His wife, Kristin, greeted us at the door and gave us a great tour and explained the system. Lily received her first scan and the rest is history. We became a part of the Hanson Tribe. My daughter saw great progress, started doing better with sleep, focusing, routine, and was just a more relaxed child in general. Unfortunately, due to finances we had to stop going to chiropractic care for awhile. When I received a call from her school months later that she was struggling again I knew who I needed to call. Dr. Dave returned my phone call and gladly took us back under his wing. We returned and have been back ever since; our life started normalizing again. Read More…

During this time, my now 4 -year old son, Ryan, was having frequent upper respiratory infections and had to have his adenoids out (my daughter did as well prior to us knowing about Dr. Dave). I decided to have my son scanned and taken care of as well.Dr. Dave took my whole family in and treated us like a member of his own family. My son has been doing much better with his health as well. He has not gotten as many upper respiratory infections and we have not had to remove his tonsils which was recommended by my ENT.

I have continued my care with Dr. Dave so that we don’t have to make this next step. My son also was diagnosed with Legg-Calve Perthes disease which is avascular necrosis of the hip joint. My son has been seeing an orthopedic surgeon and undergoing physical therapy. With the help of Dr. Dave’s guidance and adjustments my son has seen great strides; literally. We just have to remember that our adjustments have to be “slow, steady and teensy-weensy.” At one point Dr. Dave asked me when I was going to start taking care of myself. I have suffered from migraines for longer than I can remember. My mother and grandmother suffered from migraines as well. I remember accompanying my mom to the ER at a young age for her headaches. I initially saw Dr. Dave for these headaches and back pain. I was a professional dancer back in the day and my body experienced breaks, sprains, aches, and many pains. I also suffer from endometriosis and had to have a full hysterectomy, but Dr. Dave was very supportive and encouraged me to come back when I could. On my 10-year wedding anniversary back in June I woke up with a horrific migraine. I had numbness and tingling in both my arms and was so uncomfortable. Lily had her weekly appointment that day with Dr. Dave so I explained what was going on and asked him to adjust me that day. During that adjustment I had a few vertebrae in my neck out of alignment, as well as, several ribs that needed to be put back in place. It was at that time that I also came back full time to being adjusted by Dr. Dave.

I truly believe in fate and I needed to be the one to take Lily to her adjustment that day. I have been a nurse working 12 hour days for almost ten years, a full-time mom and wife. I had a hard time doing anything daily without pain or a headache. Ryan was a big baby and I wish I would have known about chiropractic care during my pregnancies. In hindsight, I wish my family would have met Dr. Dave a lot sooner. I have had a total of 9 surgeries for my endometriosis, been on numerous medications, have done PT as well for my back. With all of that said, Dr. Dave came into our life at the right time. I was running out of options and he has been my guardian angel. He saved my sanity and continues to do so every day. The quality of life I strive for is still a work in progress, but Dr. Dave and his staff encourage you daily. They are my daily affirmation, sunshine on a dark day, and my light at the end of a very dark tunnel. When my father passed away a little over 2 years ago I was in need of an adjustment. I had been sleeping on a concrete floor at my father’s bedside and was not feeling the best. I actually texted Dr. Dave before the office was open and asked him if he would fit me in early due to the circumstances. He responded immediately and told me to head over and that the office would be open. I arrived very early and Dr. Dave was there waiting for me and gave me an adjustment. If that isn’t testament to what kind of person he is then I don’t know what is. He goes out of his way to thank his patients and their families. He has a special place in this heart for every patient and their family. My children look forward to their adjustments and love their time at the office.

If anyone out there is considering chiropractic care or are just curious about it let me be the first to tell you it is worth it and saves lives. Dr. Dave, Kristen, Natasha, Brittany and Rachael are the best team out there in the world of chiropractic care. They put the PATIENT AND FAMILY FIRST! They are always willing to work with you on every aspect of your care (appointments, billing, vacations, illness, work, etc.). I truly believe that people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime. Dr. Dave and Hanson Family Chiropractic are our lifetime during every season and beyond any reason. They are a member of our family and we love them so much! We are proud to be a part of the HFC tribe and strive to represent this practice on a daily basis. We are HFC proud!!! #HFCtribe #chirokids #chiropractic #DrDaveisthebest #Familyfirst #chiromom #chirolife #hansonfamilychiro #tribevibes

-Karen P.

The HFC Staff are an Amazing Team!

Jade L.I decided to begin chiropractic care after I took a tumble down a few stairs. My mid to upper back was in constant pain and it was not going away. After our initial visit with Dr. Dave and explaining my symptoms and what happened the wheels quickly began turning for him. He suspected I had a rib that was “out” among needing to release muscle tension in that area of my back. Upon the first adjustment his suspicions were confirmed and he began treatment. Dr. Dave said this was not a “quick fix” case and was up front that it could take several weeks and even a couple months to see relief and results. Knowing that the pain was not going away and only getting worse hauling my little guy around I decided to go all in and begin the adjustment regimen Dr. Dave recommended. I began feeling some relief close to the halfway point of my care and it just kept getting better. After finishing weeks of adjustments I can say that I am PAIN FREE! I am celebrating my back being free of pain as well as headaches occurring less frequently – something I have struggled with since I was a teenager. Chiropractic care has helped me get back to giving my all to being a wife, a mom, and a hardworking woman! Dr. Dave is awesome! He is so kind, friendly, caring, and is a great listener. The HFC staff are an amazing team & have made my experience venturing into something new so warm and welcoming. There is a peace that I cannot describe every time I walk in the door.

-Jade L.

My Back Has Not Locked Up In Over A Month!

Jonathan L. I have struggled with back problems since I was a teenager. At the age of 13 I found out that I was born with a disfigured L4 vertebrae. This weak point in my spine forced me to stop playing all contact sports for the fear of the possibility that I may be paralyzed if my spine could not handle the force of a wrong hit. Early on I had sudden, sharp pains that would send me to my knees. As I got older those episodes became less frequent but my lower to mid back always felt “tight”. I was limited to non contact sports and a lot of the physical activity in my teenage and college years left me feeling the results in my back more than I believed I should. I had tried brief chiropractic care in the past to no avail. More recently I have experienced episodes where if I move suddenly or in a swift motion my back would “lock up” and I would be unable to move back to a normal, upright position for a few minutes. I knew I needed to figure out what was going on and how to fix it. Dr. Dave put me on a program with weekly adjustments. He identified that the “locking up” I was experiencing was my back muscles tensing up and causing the pain. After my initial treatment program I am getting adjusted once a week and my back has not locked up in over a month! Living with a part of my spine that was not fully formed has left me constantly worried about my physical capacity. After experiencing relief from the tightness and locking up of my back that Dr. Dave has helped me with, my concern is becoming less and less of a top of mind worry. I am more confident in my movement and do not have to worry as much with sudden movements. Dr. Dave is one cool dude! Super nice, easy going, laser focused, and always looking out for my health. The HFC ladies never have a bad day and always greet me with a smile and encourage me to have an awesome day. Where else do you get that kind of care and service? I am thankful for my personal and my family’s experience with Dr. Dave and his awesome team.

-Jonathan L.

I Am Now Migraine Free

sara-w-testimonialI started chiropractic care in June of this year. I had brought my children in to see Dr. Dave during the last year and we saw great results. So, I finally decided to start taking care of myself. I’m sure glad that I started chiropractic care because I am now migraine free for the past three months. I have suffered from migraines for many years and they lasted days at a time. So this is huge! Of course this makes me a better mom and wife because migraines were so debilitating to me. I have been migraines free for three months! Only wish I would have started chiropractic care sooner! Dr. Dave and his team are nothing short of AMAZING! Everyone is beyond friendly, understanding and kind. I can’t say enough nice things. Dr. Dave is so knowledgeable and the best at what he does. I love being part of the HFC tribe!

-Sara W.

My Quality of Life is Improved

Jenny S. headshotI began consistent chiropractic care because I was suffering from vertigo for several weeks. The episodes would come and go unexpectedly and it was hard to perform parts of my job (teaching exercise classes and training clients) to my fullest ability. Even though I am hyper-conscious of moving functionally from being a dancer and with my health and wellness background, I was unable to rely on methods I’ve used in the past to get rid of the vertigo.

Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life! I was getting headaches a couple times a month and also off and on pain in my Sacro-Illiac joint from a past injury. Both these issues have reduced significally now that I am seeing Dr. Dave on a regular basis.

I really appreciate the environment that Hanson Family Chiropractic fosters. It is friendly and inclusive and I enjoy going there. I first met Dr. Dave and in high school, and it is fun to see their progress in creating a business that helps others not only heal, but also learn about their bodies.

-Jenny S.

Finally Can Have a Normal, Healthy Life Migraine Free

Katie A's TestimonialI was having migraines weekly to the point where I could barely function. I had been in a car accident and had severe neck and back pain as well but every doctor I went to said the two weren’t connected. For months, I had extreme anxiety about when the migraines would come and was in tears almost every day. I went to multiple neurologists, neck specialists, physical therapy and even had acupuncture to get some relief and nothing was helping. Beyond that it felt like nobody cared how much pain I was in or about me as a patient (once the doctor put acupuncture needles in and locked up his office and went home for the night, he had forgotten I was there!) I was starting to believe that this would be a new normal and I was devastated. My sister-in-law finally suggested I try a chiropractor; I didn’t know anything about it but was willing to try anything. I can’t even begin to describe the relief I found. I immediately felt at peace and was so thankful to have someone listening to my story and looking for a sustainable solution. I was able to stop the horrendous medication I was on and the migraines disappeared. My neck and back pain have lessened immensely and I can finally begin to have a normal healthy life. I haven’t had a single migraine in months!! I had forgotten what it felt like to wake up without a headache and to be able to sleep through the night. I’ve been able to start exercising again after almost a year and more importantly improving my health has allowed me to quit a job I hated and start pursuing what I’ve always wanted to do. Dr. Dave not only restored my health but he restored my hope that things could get better and quite literally changed my life. Coming in to the office is a highlight of my week! You have no idea what it means to someone who is struggling to not only find quality care but to also be greeted in such a welcoming space and to feel genuinely cared for day after day. Everyone I’ve introduced to Dr. Dave and his team has felt the same way and I’m happy to share this with anyone!

-Katie A.

Headache Free With No More Pain

Brianna MarquetteI started chiropractic care because I was experiencing back and neck pain daily, which led to bad headaches every other day. I’ve had these issues for about a year. It was affecting my everyday life and I didn’t want to move much because of the pain. In the past, I tried getting occasional massages and just taking Advil, but nothing seemed to work. I haven’t experienced a headache or pain in my problem areas in so long. I look forward to getting adjusted because it really does have an effect. I feel more able to move and am more comfortable doing so! The staff and Dr. Dave are so nice and friendly. They really do show care towards your issues and want to help. They know every patient by their first name and you always feel so welcomed!

-Brianna M.

Thank Goodness!


Out of nowhere, I developed severe pain down the side of my right left leg. It progressed to not being able to walk, sit, bend down, put on shoes or socks or sleep well! I could only sit around on the couch, barely finding a comfortable position. I took lots of Ibuprofen all day long. I even had to stop playing golf during the pain. When this happened, I had two trips coming up where I knew I’d be doing a ton of walking. I knew almost instantly I had to go see Dr. Dave, whom my daughter has been going to for over a year and had much success. Before I even had my MRI, which discovered a herniated disc in my lower spine, I already had an assessment and started adjustments with Dr. Dave. Within the first handful or adjustments, I started to feel relief. Thank goodness, I felt about 90% better, so I could enjoy my trips with no pain! And I’m happy to say I’ve been able to return to playing golf. I’ve always loved the team at HFC, and it’s always a joy to see their friendly and smiling faces!

-Becky G.

Asthma Free and Feeling Great!

louis-k-imageIn the early spring of 2016 I came down with a bad cold that turned into a sinus and ear infection. I went to my primary care doctor and they put me on antibiotics along with a probiotic and Tylenol to manage the symptoms. I have a history of Asthma and allergies so when I get a cold it puts me down for a few days. In this instance, I was sick for over 8 weeks and had tried two different antibiotics, neither of which really cured me of the cold and infections. It came to a head when my primary care physician sent me to an ENT specialist that wanted to do an MRI and possible surgery to fix the sinus issues. It was at this point that I thought another option, much less invasive would be available. I was tired of being sick and I wanted to be healthy for the birth of our third child that was approaching quickly. I assumed I would only be sick for a week or two. So, I turned to Chiropractic care with Dr. Dave. After and during my care plan, I have had a full recovery from my original sickness. In addition, I no longer need to take preventative Asthma drugs nor use my emergency inhaler. I will not say that I am cured of Asthma, but attacks are rare and I am able to control it with concentrated breathing. I am still on allergy drugs, but it feels great to be off steroids for the first time in a LONG time. I attribute this healing directly to the Chiropractic care received. Dr. Dave is a pleasure to work with. I was an open skeptic about Chiropractic treatment but Dr. Dave has patiently worked with me through my questions and concerns. I appreciate his approach to testing before and after care to ensure effective treatment. Thank you Dr. Dave! Natasha, Brittany and Rachael create a pleasant and uplifting environment every time I visit the office. I appreciate their flexibility with scheduling and their positive attitudes. I am encouraged every time I go into the office. This is a place I openly tell friends and family about. Thank you!

-Louis K.

Sincere, friendly and truly have your best interest at heart!

audrey-lMy primary concern was the pain in my lower back and right hip. The pain started in mid-January. I don’t know what caused the pain. I don’t recall injuring myself in any way. As a result, I had a difficult time getting in and out of my car. Walking up the stairs was a real challenge as well. I used to walk at least 2 miles 3-4 times a week. The pain put a stop to my exercise. My primary care physician prescribed anti-inflammatory meds. They didn’t work. Since Dr. Dave has been taking care of me, I’ve improved tremendously. The pain is gone. I can run up the stairs again. I’m also back to taking my walks. My mobility is so much better. I feel like my old self again. Dr. Dave is a kind, compassionate person. He’s always in a great mood! I knew right from my very first meeting with him that he would take good care of me. The team is fantastic! They are always helpful and smiling. The atmosphere is filled with positive energy. If you’re looking for a chiropractic team that’s sincere, friendly and truly have your best interest at heart HFC is the place to go. Dr. Dave put me back on the path of healing and I feel terrific!

-Audrey L.

Absolute Game Changer

Robby B. When my wife first approached me with the idea of seeing a chiropractor as a family, I’ll be the first admit I was slightly skeptical. During our first sit down with Dr. Dave, I said “I feel fine! No complaints here!” (typical Dad response). Fast forward to the first scan results: I needed the most help. We discovered that a soccer injury from almost 15 years ago was affecting my lower back and hips in a pretty big way. And not to forget, all of those soccer headers over the years had really done a number on my neck. Chiropractic care has been an absolute game changer for our family. When I would come home from a long day of work, I would take ibuprofen or tylenol to help with any back/neck pain. I haven’t had to do that since starting treatment! In the past, I dealt with seasonal allergies, especially in the spring. I am happy to report I have had little to no symptoms this year. I can breathe! My posture as also greatly improved. Our family can’t compliment Dr. Dave and his team enough! They are all so welcoming and make you feel like you’re part of the HFC family. During treatment sessions, Dr. Dave often utilizes a technique that essentially is a big ol’ hug.I felt the need to awkwardly name it “The Embrace”. Ask for “The Embrace” next time you’re there! It’s pretty great!

-Robby B.

Relief from my pregnancy symptoms

Lindsey and Dr. Dave photoI originally came in for severe tension headaches due to pregnancy. I had no idea Dr. Dave would also relieve me of my horrible nausea, insomnia, and general stress that I had at 14 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t enjoying pregnancy and my body was exhausted. My tension headaches disappeared following care and I was able to get off my anti-nausea meds and sleep! My scans showed significant relief from stress. All while still growing and working on my feet. This entire group of people actually cares about you! I always feel welcome. I feel blessed to have found this tribe. I can’t wait to bring my little guy here in August.

-Lindsey G.

I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Dave and his team

jeff-anderson-picI started chiropractic care with Hanson Family Chiropractic because I had recently experienced a significant hip injury and I know my hips had not been in place for some time. The hip injury came while I was preparing for a dance show and completely took me out of all dance. I had also experienced chronic lower back pain for years which I developed through years of soccer. The combination of these two made it difficult to do any type of exercise and, in general, caused discomfort throughout my days. In the past I had seen other chiropractors and focused on physical therapy and training in order to manage. After several months at Hanson Family Chiropractic I found an overall increased capacity for mobility in my neck, upper and lower back, and my hip injury was able to heal much better with my hips back in place. I also noticed that my ability to handle stress was increased as the course of treatment progressed. I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Dave and his team. They truly care for their patients and bring healing tot he heart and soul, through their kindness and genuine interest in their patients well being, all the while bringing the physical healing any one would hope for from a chiropractic office. Thanks Dr. Dave and his team!

-Jeff A.

I love that HFC really makes you feel like family

viki-pic-2017I started chiro care a couple years ago but have come back to it because I am pregnant with number 3. I had very bad SI joint pain with my last pregnancy and wanted to avoid it this time around!! I also have both my kids (4 and 2 yrs. old.) doing regular chiro care for general health and well being. My SI joint is flaring a bit this pregnancy, but chiro care has made it SO MUCH BETTER!! I can feel it, but it’s not constant pain, it’s not keeping me awake at night, I can keep living life! I’ve also noticed that I don’t have any other pains – lower back, etc, as my pregnancy progresses :) My kids have been healthy through this icky season!! We’ve only had mild colds and they have been able to bounce back so fast!! I love that HFC really makes you feel like family! My kids love it there. In the beginning my daughter was very shy and hesitant, but everyone being so friendly and caring – now she loves going!! I truly feel cared for more than just my chiro care!!

-Viki J.

My MS Symptoms Have Been in Check

Stephanie B Testimonial“I started seeing Dr. Dave during the last trimester of my pregnancy. I was super uncomfortable and it relieved some of my pain. At the beginning of care, I really was inconsistent because I was nearing the end of my pregnancy. After having the baby I took a few months off for recovery. In mid November I started to feel like a normal person again. I was healed from my C-section, but I noticed that the stress of everything reactivated my MS symptoms. MS goes in remission during pregnancy and can be super aggressive after. The stress of the holidays can play a role as well. I made the decision to get my butt back to Dr. Dave after having numbness, tingles and headaches again and was scared that it would progress. The winter months are the worst time of the year for me and the fact that I just had a baby makes for the perfect storm. Ever since I’ve been seeing Dr. Dave on a regular basis I have noticed that my MS symptoms have been in check. I have felt really good and still have yet to go back on my meds. I have more energy and also feel better during my Crossfit workouts. My headaches, tingles and numbness have been NONEXISTENT, which says a lot especially during this time of the year for me. Everyone that works at Hanson Family Chiropractic is amazing. The ladies at the front desk always have a warm welcoming smile. You get the impression that they love their job. Dr. Dave is a very outgoing, caring person that makes the whole experience comfortable. I always leave laughing with a smile on my face.”

-Stephanie B.

Conceived Right Away and Had an Easy Pregnancy

Christin W.“I started chiro care 8 years ago because I had chronic headaches and a lot of lower back pain. I was always popping Ibuprofen to fight the pain and discomfort. The back pain affected my sleep and the headaches affected my ability to be my best at work. There were days I had trouble getting out of bed because I consistently would wake with a headache…. Since seeing Dr. Dave I can not even tell you the last time I had a headache… let alone pop a painkiller! I know it has been more than a year! I believe chiro care helped me get pregnant right away. In March 2016 I was told that I was going to have a difficult time conceiving…. and I was pregnant in April 2016 (proved them wrong!). I saw Dr. Dave through the entire pregnancy and, I believe, because of this, all of the aches and pains people expect throughout pregnancy did not affect me. I never struggled sleeping, I did not have any pelvic discomfort, I do not have any back pain until the very end of the pregnancy, I was able to work out at the gym and work (on my feet all day) until the day my water broke! The team at Hanson Family Chiropractic is just amazing! I, honestly, have never met a group of nicer individuals. They put their patients first and are truly devoted to the well being of everyone who walks into the office. The Hanson Family Chiropractic environment is like one you do not come across often! I have nothing but positive things to say about the Hanson Family Chiro Staff! <3 ”

-Cristin W.

A Life-Long Struggle with Back Pain

Catherine & Dr. Dave.“I have struggled with back pain most of my life as a result of sports, bad posture and an abnormal curvature of my spine. By the time I started seeing Dr. Dave I couldn’t lay flat on my back at all and sleeping was painful and uncomfortable. I’ve also struggled with infertility and my first pregnancy after IVF was very unhealthy and my son was born with a lot of problems. After seeing Dr. Dave my back pain has cleared up quickly. We also did another round of IVF, got pregnant easily and so far no issues. I’m hopeful this will continue to be a healthy and uneventful pregnancy under Dr. Dave’s care. Dr. Dave and his tribe are like family. They are caring, positive and always greet me at the door with a smile. They hold my son while I get adjusted and share in our joys and progress. I love everything about each one of them.” -Catherine O.

Chiropractic has helped with Sinus Infections

client-sinusI started chiropractic care after I saw first hand how it positively affected my son’s health and well being. My main areas of concern were my constant sinus infections and some injuries due to being very involved in physical activity like running and Crossfit. Everytime I caught a cold it would turn into a sinus infection. Due to constantly being on antibiotics, I was concerned and wanted to explore more of a holistic, healthy approach to treating them. Since going to Dr. Dave, I have not gotten one sinus infection, despite a couple of colds! I have also recovered very quickly when I have injured myself. Dr. Dave has allowed me to rebound quickly and get back in the gym! I haven’t been on an antibiotic for months! My primary care physician wanted me to see an ear, nose and throat specialist because of my chronic sinus infections. I didn’t need an ENT, I just needed chiropractic care!! I also seldom get headaches, which is a huge milestone considering I used to get them a couple times a week! They all are the best. I walk in feeling the positive energy. I always feel welcomed and very comfortable.

Dr. Dave has been the first person to congratulate my pregnancy milestones

lissa“I was referred to Dr. Dave by a friend who heard me talking about all of my ‘weird’ health concerns. I felt like every conversation I had about my health started with describing symptoms that just didn’t fit ‘the norm’. I talked with my primary care physician and endocrinologist about just feeling ‘off’ in multiple systems and trying to find some answers. My endocrinologist tried to adjust my thyroid medication for Grave’s Disease and my primary care physician only treated symptoms that were associated with specific conditions such as sinus infections and vertigo. I spent about 6 months dealing with symptoms such as infections, dizziness, fatigue, weight fluctuation, and frustration with conceiving. I have always been an athlete and have been very in touch with how my body feels and responds to the demands that I place on it. My greatest concern was just losing touch with my body and not understanding why or what to do about it. Dr. Dave was the first person to look at my concerns, my symptoms, my scans, and my ‘weird’ and tell me it made sense and that he had a plan. About one month after I started with Dr. Dave my husband and I found out we were expecting. My symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, and neck pain all resolved within 6 weeks of care. My scans matched the improvements I was feeling, even with the changes my body was experiencing during my first trimester. I have not had a cold or infection or any major health concerns in the past 6 months. My thyroid medication dose has been the same (even with a pregnancy!), and that hasn’t been something that has been consistent for me more than 3 months in a row without a dosage change in 4 years! It has been seamless to transition from treating my original health concerns to following me through pre-natal and maintenance chiropractic care weekly, allowing me to feel my best every week. Dr. Dave has been the first person to congratulate my pregnancy milestones, and the family atmosphere at Hanson Family Chiropractic is something I feel with every visit and every time I call.”

-Lissa T.

I am back to myself!

hanson-testimonial “I started chiropractic care after two years of having terrible neck and back issues. I was in and out of doctor appointments, tests, X-rays and even had my gallbladder out. I felt very defeated after getting zero answers and every test coming back ‘normal’ and everything we tried was no help. It got to a point where I couldn’t sleep, exercise, or play with my daughter. I’ve tried pain meds, physical therapy, x-rays, blood work, body scans, colonoscopy, endoscopy and gallbladder removal. Since starting chiropractic care… -I am slowly running with no pain. -I am sleeping through the night. -I am able to do everything I love with my daughter. -I am BACK TO MYSELF! I have always been so skeptical of chiropractic care and I can’t say enough about everyone at the clinic! I will always recommend anyone to Dr. Dave. I had such an incredible experience!”

-Liz R.   ***She made this beautiful sign for Dr.Dave to show her appreciation (see picture—>). ***

An amazing feeling

SubstandardFullSizeRender“My back problems started at work about 10 years ago where I had to lift heavy machine parts. I’ve tried pain medications, steroids, exercises, as a final resort, surgery was recommended as the only option left. The pain, depending on the intensity, affected my daily life. There were days where I was unable to do anything and nothing seemed to ease the pain and discomfort. My grandson is a patient at HFC and I saw the great results he had as a result of seeing Dr. Dave. I can’t think of a better referral. For the first time since I can remember, I do not have pain in my back. What an amazing feeling! Dr. Dave is terrific. It is a pleasure walking into the doctor’s office. The team is so accommodating, professional and kind. Dr Dave takes time to thoroughly explain everything in a way that is easy to understand.”

- Anna S.

A true blessing

Steve with {PJ} Chiropractor at {PRACTICE NAME} “Initially, my wife was the one who was receiving chiropractic care. She was pregnant at the time and doing research about newborns. She was referred to HFC due to the qualifications that were necessary for infant care. Therefore, I learned the benefits of chiropractic care. At first, I was very skeptical because I had never let anyone adjust anything in my body before. However, after taking a chance, chiropractic care has been one of the greatest blessings in my life, helping my general health, mental stability, emotional stability, and physical ability. Show More

HFC has been a breath of fresh air and a hope for true, genuine, and caring doctors in this impersonal generation where the love has grown cold. Dr. Dave goes beyond just being a business. He has demonstrated to me that patients come before the business. In other words, we live in an economy where money and greed have taken top priority over the care and concern of the patients. Not at HFC! The care and love I’ve received has blown me away – always willing to meet the needs of their patients. I work a job that is always fluctuating in hours but HFC has always compromised to meet my schedule and I am so grateful. Anyone reading this please know that HFC is built on integrity. They are honest, caring, genuine, knowledgeable, trustworthy and loving. HFC has given me new hope, and a new outlook on doctors that are serving in the world today! My energy level, sinuses, headaches, and stress points have relieved in pressure. Overtime, my emotional, mental, physical ability increased and became stable. My muscles became a lot more relaxed. Interestingly, I felt like my body and mental capacity had increased to handle stress more calmly. Now, I feel my whole body responding in unity and functioning smoothly! HFC has been a true blessing from God-for the body is a temple! I would absolutely recommend HFC to friends and family! There hasn’t been a better decision I’ve made in my life than taking a chance in chiropractic care. I have shared it with many people including my friends and family. My aunt is now going to a similar chiropractor that Dr. Dave suggested because of her location. Also, my father is going to another chiropractor in Wisconsin that has the same concept and technology as Dr. Dave. I always thought chiropractic care was a scam and a waste of money. I have scoliosis and bad posture. Though my body might not be transformed, my mental, emotional, and physical health and stability has changed! I can’t quite explain it, but I feel like a new man and my results on my test scores show it – chiropractic care works! Choose HFC. You won’t be disappointed!”

-Steve M.

My neck stiffness was immediately relieved

“I wanted to see a chiropractor for relief of symptoms from MS and stomach problems. Hanson Family Chiropractic is very welcoming, clean and tidy.  You are always greeted with a smile.  The staff are very friendly and they always ask how you are doing and actually care! Dr. Hanson clearly explains everything he does, and he welcomes questions and directly answers them.  Sometimes the adjustments are a little uncomfortable but never painful.  I always feel immediate relief after the adjustment. Show More

My neck stiffness was immediately relieved. I also noticed I’ve been sleeping better. My parents tell me they have noticed my thinking and speech is clearer than it used to be. I don’t have pain in the middle of my back anymore.  Overall I really enjoy going to HFC. They are so friendly and I truly feel they care about how I feel and making me feel better. I would recommend HFC to friends and family because I feel so much better! No more back pain! No more jumbled thoughts! And a friendly, caring, and supportive atmosphere to boot!”

-Danya S.

You feel like family

Vicky J, {PJ} Chiropractic patient “I was eight months pregnant and experiencing SI joint pain. I was in so much pain, walking was difficult, sleeping was difficult and I couldn’t carry my seventeen month old. Immediately I felt better-mentally trusting in Dr. Dave and knowing that my pain would get better over time. And within two weeks the pain was pretty much gone! It’s been day and night from the day I first came in to now. I can walk, carry my daughter, sleep well-I feel prepared to deliver baby #2 without worrying about leg pain!Show More

There isn’t anything I don’t like about HFC! Dr. Dave and Kristen are both so warm and inviting. You practically feel like family the minute you walk in the door. I love the open atmosphere of the office and all the resources that are available. Even though I haven’t been able to attend a workshop, it’s been wonderful to have the YouTube links and I’m looking forward to attending one soon. I would recommend HFC to friends and family, and I already have! I tell everyone I know who’s looking for chiro care about HFC. I also tell people who are just interested in a healthier lifestyle and especially mamas about the different workshops. Thank you! I’m so grateful for the care I’ve received-truly it is an answered prayer! I’m looking forward to a long relationship between HFC and my family.”

 -Viki J.

Sleeping really well

Stephanie H receives Chriopractic care in {PJ}“I was suffering from an injury and thought rest would help heal it. When it didn’t, I sought out Dr. Hanson as a final resort. My results were slow and steady-for me that was perfect. It allowed me to work within the limits of my injury and respect my body. I have been sleeping really well since being treated. I had an allergy attack that, I believe, was shortened significantly due to my treatments. I’ve always had an issue with grinding my teeth at night that results in headaches in the AM. I have found my issue to be greatly reduced in having treatments with Dr. Hanson. Other benefits I’ve experienced-shortened allergy season, reduced menstrual cramps, better sleep and fewer headaches.Show More