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Adult Success Stories

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Dr. Dave and his family celebrate with you!

We are PROUD of our patients and the progress they make while under our care. There’s nothing we enjoy more than celebrating our patients’ successes along with them. And when there’s something good happening in our lives, we feel inclined to share it with others, right? Using personal stories to share the power of chiropractic with others is one of the most valuable tools our practice can use to encourage others to give chiropractic a try – a decision that can be life-changing! We love sharing pictures and stories of our patients in the interest of showing others that real people are getting great results here at Hanson Family Chiropractic. Has Hanson Family Chiropractic made a difference in your life? We’d love to hear about it! Please share your story with us.

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What Our Patients Say

Always Making Me Feel at Home

Chrsitine M. testimonialI started chiropractic again because of the ringing in my ears. I read that chiropractic care could alleviate it. However, since my 20’s I have also struggled with neck and shoulder pain.

I have been sleeping so much better. Falling asleep and staying asleep has been fantastic.

I would like to share the wonderful experience I had at Hanson Family Chiropractic. First of all, I love going there after my commute home from Lombard. I usually walk in quietly and am warmly welcomed by huge smiles. Today, after my adjustment, I wanted to chat with Wendy about something, but she was on the phone. I couldn’t remember what I wanted to talk about so I shrugged my shoulders, said “have a great weekend,” and left.

I received a phone call from Wendy shortly after I left. She apologized to ME for not being able to chat before I left. I explained my expressions before leaving. We had a quick laugh and said see you Tuesday. Not many places I go to treat me as well as HFC. Such a wonderful way to end my day and I look forward to my appointments. The staff is unbelievably fantastical and they really listen to me talk about nonsense. I always feel like I am wasting their precious time, but I always get that “don’t be silly” smile from staff (and both Dr. Daves).

So…thank you to everyone at HFC for always making me feel at home and part of the tribe.

- Christine M.

My Favorite Resource for Health and Wellness

Mary Anne S.I had four babies in six years, with no chiropractic care during any of them. I had sciatic nerve pain that was so bad during my last pregnancy that I’d have to crawl around on the floor to get stuff that my kids needed because standing up and walking hurt so bad. After I delivered my fourth, my hip pain didn’t really go away and my shoulders hurt all the time from carrying humans around. I also began my Master’s degree when my youngest was three months old, so my sleep was disrupted even more than it was from having a newborn. My adrenals were working overtime and it left me exhausted and unable to do anything beyond the necessities. Basically, I was a mess, but was still thinking everything was fine. Looking back now, I see how ridiculous it was that I thought my body was tolerating my lifestyle well.

Since beginning chiropractic care, my hip pain is completely gone, I’m able to exercise again without being in extreme pain, my shoulder pain is manageable (I am still carrying humans around, after all,) my body is managing the stress of graduate school with four small children (which is exhausting as it sounds), I have more overall energy to do things, and I’m generally happier because my body is tolerating the stress of my life better.

Dr. Hopper did a great job of encouraging me to take care of myself, while being understanding of the fact that I had a bunch of kids and am in graduate school. He never made me feel like I should be doing less in my life to manage my stress. Instead, he accepted my life as it was and worked with me to create a chiropractic care plan that would maximize my health and minimize and eliminate my pain. He’s by far my favorite resource for health and wellness and I feel like everyone at Hanson Family Chiropractic are more like friends now. They are all great with my kids (there are a bunch of them and they kind of dominate everywhere they go) and they are always willing to hold a baby while I get adjusted!

- Mary Anne S.

Kind, Knowledgeable and Personable

Jennifer T. TestimonialI started care because I was frustrated by pain in my hip that would travel to my knee and sometimes the bottom of my foot. It had been bothering me for around 6 months. It was affecting my ability to exercise the way I liked to. It even bothered me sitting on long car rides. I saw an orthopedic doctor and went to physical therapy for a couple of months. It was slightly better, but I still couldn’t lift weights without it bothering me and it still hurt to cross my legs to tie my shoes.

I have also had vertigo off and on for the past few years. I didn’t seek treatment for it, because it mostly happened when I was laying in bed and turned. I learned to focus on something and make it pass quickly. I had vertigo every night for weeks before my first visit. After my first adjustment, I have not had any vertigo at all. The pain that I was experiencing in my hip first moved to the other side, where my scans had shown the problem was from the beginning. Now that I’ve been getting adjusted for over a month, I have been able to lift weights with very little discomfort. Sometimes after a heavy leg workout, I do have some hip discomfort, but nothing like I was having before. I don’t think twice about tying my shoes anymore.

The whole team at Hanson Chiropractic is wonderful. You feel like you are visiting friends from the time you enter the office until the time you leave. Everyone is kind, knowledgeable and personable.

- Jennifer T.

No More Pain

Samantha L.I’ve had chiropractic care for lower back pain on and off for about 10 years. I came to HFC after a particularly bad episode that left me struggling to walk or pick up my two kids.

I’ve made a complete turn around in my overall health since starting here just a couple of months ago! My back pain is completely gone, but I’ve also had significant improvements with my digestion and anxiety- two things that I’ve struggled with my whole life! I sleep better, have more energy, and feel great!

The team could not make this easier to commit to. Both doctors are friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. The rest of the staff makes you feel right at home and they even help look after my young children while I get adjusted. Great place!

- Samantha L.

This Team is Amazing

Ally B.I started chiropractic care for help with my twisted vertebrae. This issue began years ago with no exact cause. I also had double jaw joint replacement surgery, which made my neck issue a more severe problem. I have tried chiropractic care before, and well as medications and braces.

My headaches have significantly gone down, and I feel much more comfortable in everyday life. Pain and pressure in my back have continued to go down, and my surgery recovery is being benefited.

This team provides the best quality of care. They make sure that they do everything in their power to make you comfortable. Especially, calling to check on you if you called off sick. This team is amazing at what they do, and they make you feel like family.

- Ally B.

No More Pain

Mikaela M.I originally started chiropractic care for upper back pain. I tweaked it playing volleyball and before seeing the Dr. Daves I could barley twist to either side without any pain or tightness. It was really frustrating as it limited basically everything for volleyball and CrossFit. I workout almost every day, so it was tough not being able to move normally. Also, my back pain made it tough to drive and pick up things without any pain.

After seeing both Dr. Daves I am feeling so much better! I am back to playing volleyball and CrossFit and I am so thankful! I don’t have any piercing pain anymore when twisting or doing regular things like I did before. Previously, I felt like a 22 year old in an 80 year old’s body with how stiff I was. Thankfully, going to HFC has helped me feel my age again and has helped a ton with my mobility!

Everyone from the front desk, to both Dr. Hanson and Dr. Hopper have been so welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable about what was going on and the plan moving forward. I never felt rushed and there is a calm atmosphere about the office. I highly recommend the HFC team and am so thankful for them!

- Mikaela M.

The Physical Benefits Have Been Amazing!

Eric H.I initially started chiropractic care for pain in my neck and shoulder. I had been going to PT for a few months and felt like my symptoms would improve slightly, but then inevitably flare back up. In addition, I was pregnant, which naturally comes with some aches and pains. I was frustrated with the ongoing pain and was very anxious about these issues, making it hard to care for my baby when she was born. There were nights after a busy day that my shoulder would hurt so bad I would need help from my husband to do daily activities like showering, dressing, etc. Feeling frustrated and worried, I knew I needed to try something different. While browsing on Facebook one day, I saw a post about Hanson Family Chiropractic specializing in the care of pregnant women and I thought, perfect…help for my neck and shoulder AND staying healthy and comfortable throughout my pregnancy. I am so glad I made that initial call.

I have had consistent pain relief of my neck and shoulder! I didn’t experience any significant discomfort during my pregnancy, and stayed active walking and doing exercises everyday up until I gave birth to Gwen (which went very well)! I also believe that regular chiropractic care contributed to my wonderful birth experience! I have significantly less pain, and greater ability to do the things I need to do for myself and as a Mom!

The physical benefits of coming to Hanson Family Chiropractic have been truly AMAZING, however, little did I know I would benefit in so many other ways as well! Every time you walk into the clinic, it’s like a weight is lifted off of your shoulder. You are always greeted by a smiling face and the atmosphere is so cozy and welcoming. Both Dr. Daves have given me great adjustments, but also have been great resources for asking any type of health related questions about myself or my family. They are a great resource for finding like minded community resources. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon such an amazing place, and will continue to benefit from their services as our family grows!

- Kate L.

Attentiveness, Passion, and Skill

Kyle E. photoI sought chiropractic care after struggling with radiating upper-back pain for 6-7 months. It was an increasingly painful ache that went up to my neck and limited my activity. It began by limiting my physical exercise, then how long I could walk, until finally interfering with my work. I’m a high school teacher, and at my worst I couldn’t lift my arm to write on the whiteboard and I was limited to my desk for lessons. The pain was slowly, but surely crippling me; leaving me to drag through my day to rush home to a heating pad. My physicians had prescribed me muscle relaxers and physical therapy, but that was covering up the core issue with a band-aid.

I’m training for a 5K. I was able to run 2 miles immediately after receiving care. My physical activity has no restrictions. I can exercise to my limit 7 days a week. Finally, I’ve found freedom to live my life!!! Recently, my friends and I were able to spend an entire day exploring Starved Rock and I didn’t question my abilities once.

My first impression of Dr. Hopper was thorough. I had recently seen another chiropractor in the area, but the stark contrast in my health came from Dr. Hopper’s attentiveness, passion, and skill. My expectations are often exceeded from the promptness of my care, to the cleanliness of the facility, to the genuine, friendly staff.
- Kyle E.

I Can Ride Again!

Eric H.Walking in, or trying to walk in on my first day, I was at my worst point. I blew my back out the day before and collapsed to the floor in pain, due to my lower back nerve being pinched. Lower back pain has been an issue for me for awhile. I work in a trade that impacts my body on a daily basis. Currently, at the age of 37 years old, it was taking longer to heal and the pain kept getting worse. I tried going to massage therapists and it only “fixed” the issue temporarily by relaxing tightness in the muscle.

Since attending Hanson Family Chiropractic, I’ve been able to get my mobility back – no more lower back pain – and I’ve been able to stand upright properly. I ride motorcycles and when my lower back wasn’t aligned it was tough to ride. I can ride again!

The whole team is great and treats me with respect. They are flexible with my work schedule and they all treat me as a friend, not just a patient.

- Eric H.

Huge Weight Off My Shoulders

Doctor and Mira in exam roomMy back had been hurting from cosmetology school. It began hurting really bad back in November. My anxiety also caused a lot of pain. My stomach would feel so upset that I was constantly hunched over. My anxiety has affected me my whole life. I wanted to be home all the time, but now I am almost never home! I have tried multiple different therapists and medications. The therapists made everything worse. However, the last medication I found has helped me so much mentally. And coming here makes everything 10X better!

I can come home at the end of every day feeling good and energized without my back and neck being in excruciating pain. It helps me sleep better at night without being so anxious, and I just feel a huge weight off my shoulders overall.

Everyone here is so kind and welcoming! I haven’t been coming for long, but I already feel like a part of the tribe. They are so trustworthy and I feel like I can tell them anything.

- Mira P.