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Teen Success Stories

Hanson teen

What Our Patients Say

We are PROUD of our patients and the progress they make while under our care. There’s nothing we enjoy more than CELEBRATING our patients’ successes along with them. And when there’s something good happening in our lives, we feel inclined to share it with others, right?

Using personal stories to share the power of chiropractic with others is one of the most valuable tools our practice can use to encourage others to give chiropractic a try – a decision that can be life-changing! We love sharing pictures and stories of our patients in the interest of showing others that real people are getting great results here at Hanson Family Chiropractic. Has Hanson Family Chiropractic made a difference in your life?

We’d love to hear about it! Please share your story with us.

Doctor with teen patient -I.D.

Chiropractic Care has Improved my Happiness

I started chiropractic care because of my anxiety and panic attacks. My anxiety started when I was 10yrs old. My panic attacks started last summer 2020, I was 11yrs old. I started seeing a therapist in the summer. I felt worried all the time about every little thing. With the panic attacks, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and sometimes I felt like I was going to die. I didn’t even want to go to school. This condition affected my social life because all I wanted to do was stay home. I felt sad and scared every day. I haven’t had any panic attacks since I started seeing Dr. Dave. I sometimes get anxiety, but not as often!!! Chiropractic care has improved my happiness and I’ve enjoyed being social again. I think the whole team is wonderful. They are always so nice and they care about me. I wish they were my family”



I Would Not Want To Go Anywhere Else

July 28th I started receiving chiropractic care, I came with very bad lower back pain which made it hard to sleep and it hurt really bad to even get out of bed. In the past I tried heating pads and cracking my back (all methods made it worse). My lower back has zero pain, and I mean ZERO. My sleep has improved so much. Also, my neck is way less stiff, it’s amazing!! I absolutely love this team, it’s so welcoming and feels like home. I would not want to go anywhere else for care. Thank you for everything!


I.D. with doctor

Dr. Dave’s Office Has Been Great!

I started chiropractic care when I was 7. I was having trouble sleeping and my muscles didn’t want to slow down, so after some research, my mom brought me to Dr. Dave. In addition, I was struggling with getting sick a lot. My immune system is so much stronger, so as a result, I am sick much less! I also sleep better and overall am much more relaxed. I think the team at Dr. Dave’s office has been great. They are very friendly, and I feel better after getting adjusted.

- I.D.


My Favorite Thing To Do Each Week!

I was having a lot of pain in my neck and mid-back, and being a golfer I was struggling with following through on my swing. I also have some anxiety and my mom thought the pain was worse from all the stress happening since school had closed down. I had tried using Motrin and ice, but nothing was helping.

Since starting chiropractic I am shooting low 80s due to the movement I have in my swing!!! I also sleep better and I am less anxious after seeing Dr. Dave.

This is my favorite thing to do each week! The team truly cares about me and who I am. Dr. Hanson has helped me feel so much better and always spends the time getting to know me and making sure I am feeling good.
- C.M.

Photo of Ally B.

This Team is Amazing

I started chiropractic care for help with my twisted vertebrae. This issue began years ago with no exact cause. I also had double jaw joint replacement surgery, which made my neck issue a more severe problem. I have tried chiropractic care before, and well as medications and braces. My headaches have significantly gone down, and I feel much more comfortable in everyday life. Pain and pressure in my back have continued to go down, and my surgery recovery is being benefited. This team provides the best quality of care. They make sure that they do everything in their power to make you comfortable. Especially, calling to check on you if you called off sick. This team is amazing at what they do, and they make you feel like family.
- A.B.

Jake L

Treat you like Family!

“After playing sports throughout all of high school, I had noticed that my walking was off and that I was limping. At times it would be very uncomfortable. Since starting chiropractic my walking has been completely corrected, I feel way less restriction around my entire body, and I sleep way better than before. The team here is incredibly nice, they are very welcoming, and really show they care about their patients. They treat you just like family!”

Huge Weight Off My Shoulders

Doctor and Mira in exam roomMy back had been hurting from cosmetology school. It began hurting really bad back in November. My anxiety also caused a lot of pain. My stomach would feel so upset that I was constantly hunched over. My anxiety has affected me my whole life. I wanted to be home all the time, but now I am almost never home! I have tried multiple different therapists and medications. The therapists made everything worse. However, the last medication I found has helped me so much mentally. And coming here makes everything 10X better!

I can come home at the end of every day feeling good and energized without my back and neck being in excruciating pain. It helps me sleep better at night without being so anxious, and I just feel a huge weight off my shoulders overall.

Everyone here is so kind and welcoming! I haven’t been coming for long, but I already feel like a part of the tribe. They are so trustworthy and I feel like I can tell them anything.
- M.P.

Liam C.

No More Sharp Back Pains

“I started chiropractic care because I had intense, sharp pains on my upper back. I tried physical therapy first which just made it feel worse. I only started feeling relief once I started getting adjusted.

I have no more sharp back pains and I feel like I have more mobility in general. Everybody is very friendly. Dr. Hanson & Dr. Hopper have been extremely helpful. ”

Chiropractic Care Has Made Life More Enjoyable

m.k“I started chiropractic care as part of a treatment plan for vast-vegal syncope and the anxious response my body had to it. It began in the summer of 2018, and has persisted through the present day. At its worst, I was unable to attend school and/or participate in things I love, such as orchestra (I play the violin) and badminton because the symptoms became unbearable. Before chiropractic care, I tried a variety of anxiety medications (none worked), blood pressure medication, yoga therapy, acupuncture, and more.

I have celebrated going whole days without having to leave the classroom due to symptoms. Chiropractic care has made life more enjoyable overall.

The front desk ladies are scarily nice. They knew me by name after a week, and have always been very sweet and welcoming. Drs. Hanson and Hopper both seem knowledgeable and are happy to answer any questions.”

It Has Been Amazing

Paige B. photo“I started Chiropractic care with Hanson Family Chiropractic because every cheer season, I would develop bad back pain. Also, last track season I had to sit out because I had a painful hip issue. My wrists also became constantly sore after practice. Advil didn’t help. Icy hot and Naproxen sodium sometimes helped my back. I begged my mom to make a chiropractic appointment, and we decided to try Hanson Family Chiropractic because we heard amazing things about them. When I decided I would cheer long term, more than one season a year, we went to the appointment. We decided it would improve my overall health and keep me in shape and healthy.So far, it has been amazing. I sleep better, and longer at night and wake up feeling upbeat and awake. My wrists don’t hurt after practice anymore, and I haven’t experienced any hip or back pain since the adjustments. I feel positive and chiropractic care has genuinely improved my quality of life!

I love everyone in the staff. I mainly had Dr. Dave Hopper, and he is very nice and nobody here is intimidating or scary. All of the ladies at the front desk are very nice and welcoming, and fun to talk to. I enjoy the whole environment that HFC provides. I’m beyond happy I joined!”

Sophia B.

The Entire Staff is Super Nice!

“I started going to the chiropractor because my back was hurting. It started hurting over a year ago because of gymnastics. I did physical therapy and was out of gymnastics for 2 months. Since starting chiropractic my back has been feeling a lot better! I have better balance on the balance beam and certain skills that used to hurt my back don’t hurt anymore! The entire staff is super nice!”

Severe Stomach Pain is Gone!

Meena photo“Meena started seeing Dr. Dave mainly because of severe stomach pain and digestion issues. She had been dealing with daily pain for 2 years. At times she was in tears because of the pain and sometimes would hit her so suddenly she couldn’t walk. A little while before coming to see Dr. Dave, she found out she was severely lactose-intolerant. Despite going dairy-free, her stomach didn’t start feeling better until she started chiropractic care. She no longer is on daily Miralax and probiotics that she had been on for well over a year. She had about every medical test imaginable and even saw a pediatric gastroenterologist for a year and a half. She ‘danced through the pain’ as a dancer, but these issues made her feel so icky and uncomfortable. She was anxious many days and prior to several big events, like dance competitions, wondering if her stomach would hurt at the most inopportune times. As her mom, I have cried tears of joy knowing she is no longer having daily pain. I no longer have to focus so much of our communication on if her stomach hurts and what to do if it does.
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That is HUGE! She rarely has stomach pain or even gives these past painful experiences a second thought. Meena is free to do all the dancing and move through a typical life free of pain. Her quality of life is way better and other issues have improved as well, such as ENT problems. As a result of chiropractic care, her flexibility has improved in dance. When she is at dance for about 14 hours a week, we don’t have to wonder if her stomach will hurt and if she will need to sit out. We love how friendly and welcoming Dr. Dave and his staff are. They are always smiling when we walk in the door. Even when we are rushing around and sometimes late, they are always cheerful and happy to see us. Dr. Dave was very confident that he could help Meena feel better at our initial appointment and I’m so glad he did!”


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