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More Big Kids Success Stories

What Our Patients Say

We are PROUD of our patients and the progress they make while under our care. There’s nothing we enjoy more than CELEBRATING our patients’ successes along with them. And when there’s something good happening in our lives, we feel inclined to share it with others, right?

Using personal stories to share the power of chiropractic with others is one of the most valuable tools our practice can use to encourage others to give chiropractic a try – a decision that can be life-changing! We love sharing pictures and stories of our patients in the interest of showing others that real people are getting great results here at Hanson Family Chiropractic. Has Hanson Family Chiropractic made a difference in your life? We’d love to hear about it! Please share your story with us.

I Feel Like our Daughter is Back – NeuroStorm Success

Ada photo“Ada, now 6, was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder around age 4. Since birth there was an “unsettledness” to her – emotional outbursts, tip toe walking, inability to focus. We’ve tried all sorts of therapy, diet changes, activity, and as she began 1st grade and went to school all day, we had a feeling we would face some new challenges with her body and inability to stay on task. Her unsettled approach to life used to affect EVERYTHING – the mood of our house, her relationship with her 2 brothers and us, her parents. Almost like we couldn’t be close to her because her outlook on life was so difficult to predict. Almost like she didn’t have mental clarity and felt anxious most of her day. Slowly but surely that has begun to shift. Ada sleeps better and is overall more healthy and able to fight colds. She is now more able to calm herself down and stay regulated emotionally. Her outbursts and tantrums are so infrequent and even when she does have them, they aren’t physical and there’s no screaming involved. She’s able to accurately describe her feelings with clarity and tell what has made her upset. She doesn’t tip toe walk either and seems more grounded physically and mentally. Ada has always been extremely cautious in new situations. That proved to be true when starting chiropractic care, BUT… EVERYONE was and is SO patient, SO inviting, SO genuinely caring- that it didn’t take long for her to run to the car in excitement and anticipation when she learned she had an appointment. Dr. Dave moves at the pace he knows Ada can handle. He is gentle, and understanding and very knowledgeable. You can tell he loves his job and believes in his calling.”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

Christian with doctor

Great Strides Made in a Month – NeuroStorm Success

“Christian was diagnosed with autism right before his 3rd birthday. When researching online I found Hanson Family Chiropractic services. I read all the great reviews and couldn’t wait to get Christian in. In this short month we have seen great things. Christian has more energy and is a lot more curious. He has been able to relax and calm himself down. He has also been open to more activities. So excited to see the end result! Dr. Dave is so knowledgeable, easy to talk to and understand. Natasha, Brittany and Rachael are great, super friendly and welcoming.”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

MORE SLEEP for the Whole Family

Charlotte“We started chiropractic care for our then three-year-old daughter due to signs of anxiety and sleep problems. I realized through conversations with Dr. Dave that her level of anxiety wasn’t normal in an otherwise healthy three-year-old kid. She had a tremendous amount of anxiety surrounding sleep. She had a ritual of five things we had to do each night before leaving her room. She would wake 1-3 times each night demanding us to repeat the ritual to reassure her. The middle of the night commotion was waking our entire family every night. During the day, she had a nervous hand tap on her leg that I witnessed many times a day, especially if there was anything she was uncertain about. Tantrums during the day were a norm. I told myself it was just her age, but in my gut, it seemed like something more. For 9 months, we tried different approaches to help her (being stricter with her/her schedule, being more compassionate and reassuring at bedtime, no sugar, etc.), but nothing was lessening the sleeping fits. After 4 months of chiropractic care, we are celebrating MORE SLEEP for the whole family! Beautiful, restful sleep.

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Two months into care, my daughter’s adrenal system calmed drastically – both through my own observation and on her scans through Dr. Dave’s office. We are celebrating a smooth bedtime routine. She went from 8 hours of choppy sleep to now 10-11 hours of peaceful sleep each night. An unanticipated positive change happened in her personality during the day. Her daytime crying tantrums have gone away. It seems that the extra sleep has made a BIG impact on her little body. I’ve seen her do the nervous leg tap only once in the past 3 months. Our family of five is all sleeping better because she is sleeping better and feeling better. Dr. Dave and his team are living examples of a well-rounded approach to health and wellness. They have proven to be a valuable resource for my family’s health with chiropractic care, prenatal and postnatal care, nutrition and overall wellbeing. Dr. Dave takes time to listen and address concerns about my family’s health. The office environment is extremely family-friendly, and it is a fun place to visit. (As a bonus, there’s always free fresh fruit and pleasant music.) I would like others to know that healing in the body doesn’t happen overnight. It took me a while to understand that. Pinpointing exact healing can be hard. With my daughter’s anxiety, I noticed improvements here and there. Then one day, I realized we had gone TWO weeks without a struggle. The improvements have continued with regular maintenance. Chiropractic puts the body in its best place to heal itself without medical or chemical interventions. Give it a chance as a first stop option to see if it can help you or your family”.


We Have Seen a HUGE Improvement – NeuroStorm Success

Photo of Keegan “Keegan has sensory processing issues, anxiety and impulse control issues. He has also had a rough year with infections (especially ear infections). He displayed sensory issues since birth. We researched chiropractic care after seeing specialists, therapists, counselors, etc. It has freely affected Keegan’s life! His anxiety makes it hard to go to stores, places with crowds, basically anywhere. His sensory issues affect basically every aspect of his life. As a parent, it was hard to watch. We have tried physical therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapists, GI doctors, ENT doctors, various doctors, counseling, sensory diets, sensory programs, name it, we probably tried it. We have seen major improvements in his health and immune system! We have noticed less ear infections, seen regular bowel movements with no constipation! His breathing has become much better and I barely hear him cough! His anxiety is better. We can go to the grocery store or crowded places with less interventions. His impulse control has gotten much better! He is becoming better at focusing. We have seen a HUGE improvement with his motor skills!

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It’s truly amazing! We have also noticed an increase in trying new foods which has been problematic in the past due to his sensory issues. After the start of his care with Dr. Hanson, we have noticed a better sleep pattern with Keegan. I was able to have my first sleep over with him, where he actually slept! We believe that chiropractic care was the missing piece of the puzzle for Keegan. I was also so surprised how still Keegan sat during his last scan! I was so proud of him! I know how hard it is for him to just sit, especially for more than one minute! Dr. Dave was great with our child. He was always patient, kind and understanding. On a few occasions, Keegan was having a bad sensory day and did not want to be touched or adjusted, but Dr. Dave made it fun for Keegan and helped him through it. All of the staff have been wonderful and welcoming. We love to the way they interact with our with our kids and make us feel right at home!”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

Dramatic improvement in my daughter’s core strength

Kristen photo “After I had done some research about the numerous benefits of chiropractic care I brought my daughter, Reese, in to see Dr. Dave. She was born by cesarean section because she was breech. In utero, she was in a V position and unable to move, therefore, she was born with no core strength. She was a very late walker and quite clumsy after she began to walk. We thought she’d grow out of it, but she didn’t. We had tried PT to strengthen her core with no success. I happened upon Dr Dave’s website when researching chiropractors and was intrigued with his pediatric certification and impressed with the success he had with children. So began our care when Reese was 5 years old. During her initial scans Dr. Dave not only noticed that she had very little core strength but that she also had issues in her neck due to trauma at birth from the force of being pulled out via c-section. After 6 weeks of treatment we noticed considerable improvement in her core strength. Before chiropractic care Reese spent more time on the ground than upright on the soccer field. We started chiropractic care in between her fall and spring seasons and witnessed dramatic improvement on the field.

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We noticed less nose dives, clumsiness and collisions with other players. Fast forward one year later…. with weekly maintenance chiro visits, she is now an amazing little gymnast with remarkable core strength. We couldn’t be more satisfied with Dr. Dave, his expertise and good manner along with his wonderful staff. From my first conversation with Natasha I knew I was in for a great experience. She is so knowledgeable, thorough, and a pleasure to work with in the office. Equally lovely was Dr. Dave’s wife, Kristen, who has since “retired” but her replacement, Brittany, is equally as delightful. Reese and I always look forward to our weekly visits.”


Chiropractic care has really helped my son deal with his ADHD – NeuroStorm Success

Natasha photo “Joe was dignosed when he was 8 (he’s 10 now) with severe ADHD, not knowing any other alternatives we decided to do what a lot of parents do and listen to the doctor and put him on medicine. Deep down it crushed my husband and I to do this to him, but since he wasn’t doing good in school we felt like we had no choice. In the being of October after putting Joe to bed one night he said to me… ‘Mom, why do I have to have ADHD? I HATE having it, my mind won’t shut off and is always going 10,000mph.’ This BROKE my heart as a mother to hear him say this. I asked him if his medicine helped and he said yeah but I HATE taking it! He didn’t like the way it made him feel. So the next day I made it my mission to do some research and try to find another route to help him. I came across Dr. Dave’s workshop on ADHD. What he said made sooo much sense! So I showed my husband and he agreed that I should contact HFC. Joe was a HUGE nail biter and always had very high anxiety. Well since seeing Dr. Dave I’m happy to say he no longer is biting his nails and isn’t nearly as stressed as he use to be. His mood has improved so much that he is always happy and smiling and that is such a wonderful thing to see since I was used to seeing the ‘stressed out’ Joe.

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I know we still have some work to do but I can finally say I’m starting to have my happy boy back! I don’t even know were to begin! From the very first moment I called and talked to Natasha, to the first time meeting with Dr. Dave I could feel the positive engery. Dr. Dave sat down with my husband and I and really listened to what we both had to say. That right there I knew he was the person to help Joe! So many doctors don’t take the time to really listen to you and rush you out. Dr. Dave is awesome with Joe and is always more than happy to answer my questions. I love walking in and seeing the big smiles on Natasha and Brittany’s faces! You can just feel all the positive energy when you walk in! What I would like to tell others is never be afraid to try another route, especially if your current route doesn’t feel right. I was afraid to at first, but I’m so glad I did! Chiropractic care has really helped my son deal with his ADHD and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you HFC for helping Joe! I will forever be grateful for you guys!!”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

So Grateful For Chiropractic Care

Jack photo“With a surgery in the future to help him with sinus issues, as well as constant sickness, we were determined to try something more holistic as a last resort. Jack had never done chiropractic care before, but had been evaluated by a chiropractor when we he kept complaining of back pain. That chiropractor said he was in alignment and should be fine. It wasn’t until we came to Hanson Family Chiropractic that the differences between chiropractic care and holistic care became very apparent. After some intensive work, and now just regular maintenance, we have a new child. Jack used to miss school all the time for illness. At Christmas, he turned to us and said how excited he was…he only missed one day this entire fall from a stomach bug. He rarely gets sick, is more calm and has been self-regulated, but most importantly, he feels better. We are so grateful for Dr. Dave and the entire staff at Hanson Family Chiropractic! The environment is so welcoming, and when our kids run in on their own, ready for their appointments, we know we have found the best provider for our family. If you’ve tried chiropractic care before and been disappointed, there may be a reason. We are so thankful we were willing to try it one more time and that Dr. Hanson was the recommendation.”


Makes Me Feel Like I Am Not Alone – NeuroStorm Success

Andrew photo“I decided to seek chiropractic care for Andrew to find less invasive ways to treats Andrew’s conditions. Andrew was diagnosed with ADHD and sensory integration disorder in February 2016. At the time, we decided on medication but found early on we needed to seek help with more treatment options. Right now we have Andrew under chiropractic care and occupational therapy and have been very happy with the progress Andrew has made. The small successes keep me fighting for Andrew’s well-being. It’s challenging to make peace with the fact that your son struggles, but what keeps me fighting is the simple but important changes. For instance, Andrew just recently had two consecutive days of a good report from school. He has also started to really enjoy basketball and can play for more than 15 minutes. Just two months ago, he wouldn’t have had the attention span for it. Dr. Dave has been patient and listened to me, making me feel like I’m not alone. There are good days and bad days with Andrew, which makes me also experience highs and lows with him. I walk into the practice and instantly feel like the the entire team is there for us. The positivity is undeniable!”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

Sensory Processing Disorder – NeuroStorm Success

Drew and Dr. Dave“I noticed Drew wasn’t developing typically when he was 2 years old. The tantrums were epic, he wasn’t trying to speak or communicate with pointing, his energy was boundless, he was very particular about what he ate (only rotini shaped pasta…no other shape will do!), and life was utterly challenging. He was never a ‘go-with-the flow’ kiddo, so we stuck to his schedule, kept our heads down and carried on. On the outside I tried to keep it together for family and friends, but inside I was a wreck. I didn’t understand what was happening to my baby and all I wanted to do was help him. His highs were beautiful but his lows were the worst. So after many discussions, evaluations, and sleepless nights- the conclusion was that our precious boy had Sensory Processing Disorder and was on the Autism spectrum. Or what I like to think of now as: a starting point. So our little family dove in. I immediately reduced my hours at work to focus on his road to recovery. We knew it was going to be a long road, but we were ready to get started.

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With an IEP in hand, Drew started school, private speech, counseling services, and weekly OT. With the services we were receiving, we were given great advice on how to handle Drew’s behaviors…but nothing was getting to the root of the behavior. Drew BIn October/November 2015, Drew was having a really hard time at school/daycare. Such a hard time that his Special Education teacher took a trip to his daycare to observe him with the school psychologist. There we found out that he wasn’t participating in school activities with the other children. That he was getting physical with some of the other students and that during circle time he was sitting by himself eating apples instead of interacting with the class. Mind you, he was perfectly happy eating the apples…but that wasn’t the point! Frustrated I remember yelling…”How do we get him to the table?!” I was losing hope. During this time we made an OT switch and met Miss Brooke at My Recess Inc. She recommended we visit Dr. Dave and his team at Hanson Family Chiropractic. Before our first appointment I watched Dr. Dave’s YouTube video ‘The Perfect Storm’ and found myself in tears. This was the first scientific explanation I received of what was happening to my kiddo and it made logical sense. We were all in. Drew had his first adjustment the day before Christmas Eve, probably the best Christmas present we got! Not long after Drew started getting adjustments we saw a change at home, and more importantly to us, at school. He was able to focus and feel comfortable in his skin. He started interacting with other children and wanting to play with them. He could finally SIT AT THE TABLE with his peers! He was participating in circle time, making strides at speech, rocking it at OT…to be honest, WE were surprised by all of his progress! I am forever thankful to Dr. Dave and his staff for welcoming us to their Chiropractic family and restoring our hope. Drew’s future continues to brighten day by day, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have Dr. Dave on our ‘Dream Team’! He is kind, patient, and compassionate and only wants the best life for your family. Thank you Hanson Family Chiropractic for all that you do! PS- I coincidentally received the following photos as I was writing this today! This would have never happened 6 months ago! Go Drew Go!”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

Seeking help with Speech Delays and Sensory Processing Disorder – NeuroStorm Success

Photo of Cole“We sought out Chiro care for our 4 yo son Cole after we learned it could be helpful with speech delays and sensory processing disorder. Cole was born prematurely and so had always seemed to struggle with low core strength and fine motor deficiencies, in addition to, a significant speech delay and also sensitivities to sensory information. We enrolled him in the Early Childhood Program at AGS once he turned 3 and there he receives speech, OT and PT which has helped immensely, but he still appeared to be struggling quite a bit so we were looking for something more. We have noticed a dramatic difference in Cole since beginning Chiro care just 2 months ago. He’s able to process sensory information without becoming overwhelmed. Previously he’d had a difficult time in highly stimulating environments, he’d become clingy and would have meltdowns. Now he’s much less emotional, even when we know he’s tired. He’d formerly used a pacifier to self regulate and last week he opted to throw it out all by himself! His core strength has improved as well. He now self corrects his ‘W’ sit and sat criss crossed for the first time ever! His independence with daily living skills has taken off as well, where before he had struggled even to just remove his shoes. His speech intelligibility and the amount of words he is saying have also improved significantly. It’s like suddenly everything in his body has ‘clicked’ and each system is communicating effectively throughout. He’s talking up a storm.

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For the first time EVER yesterday, I asked him to please stop talking for a minute : ) I never thought the day would come when I’d have to say that to him as just a year ago he was only talking at a 15 month old level. Above all else, he’s sleeping great. Cole had only slept through the night maybe 20 times since birth (remember he’s 4!) and for the past 3 weeks he’s slept a solid 11-12 hours without so much as a peep. Cole loves going to see Dr. Dave and his staff to get “squished” as we call it. He feels completely comfortable with the routine and actually enjoys his appointments. Dr. Dave and his staff do an amazing job connecting with each of their patients and truly care about your child’s well being. It’s wonderful to see a healthcare facility show such passion for their work, as they know the dramatic difference it can make in the life of a child! We are truly grateful for all they have done for Cole and our family!”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

Our son is happier, more relaxed, calmer, and with a significantly improved attention span – NeuroStorm Success

Photo of boy“Our son started chiropractic care because he was struggling with sensory and attention issues that were causing a lot of problems with learning, at school, socially, and especially with risk-taking and self-control. We had him in numerous therapies including OT, speech, Feldenkrais, sensory pool class and more, but although he made some progress, the risk-taking continued to be serious enough for both his neurologist and neuropsychologist to strongly recommend medication. We really didn’t want to put him on medication. Although we didn’t believe in chiropractors before Dr. Dave, we were willing to try almost anything to avoid medication. Our son has improved dramatically over the past several months! He is happier, more relaxed, calmer, and with a significantly improved attention span. In a meeting, the school stated that they don’t even think he has ADHD. He was in a self-contained special education class of 7 children with 5 teachers and aides, and now is in a mainstream class with 22 children and 2 teachers. He is a joy to be with and is forming close friendships. His academic work is now at or ahead of grade level because he’s calm enough to learn. Our family can now enjoy outings together without worry, and the trajectory of his life has changed because he’s in control of himself. My sons love coming to Dr. Dave’s office. He and his staff are so much fun and they make the environment welcoming for children. My kids love the play area. We’re grateful to Dr. Dave for helping our son, and for helping our whole family!”

-Mom & Dad

Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

Dr. Dave, our hero

Gymnast with Dr. David Hanson“My daughter Olivia is 12. She began experiencing very painful headaches in March 2014. She would miss 3 days of school at a time because of the pain. She had many doctor visits. First, her pediatrician, ENT, 2 neurologists neurosurgeon, and ophthalmologist. She had 2 months of Physical Therapy, 3 MRIs, Sinus X-rays, neurology exams, and blood tests. She has been through a lot of doctors and tests!! The neurologist put her on a preventative medication that started at once a day and then gradually had to be increased to 3 doses a day. This still did not get rid of the headaches completely. She is a gymnast and would practice in the gym 4 days a week. She had to give up gymnastics for 4 entire months. She could not work out in the gym or practice her skills with her head throbbing. Finally, we were referred to Dr. Dave, our hero!! He was referred to us by Olivia’s gymnastics Coach Doug. I am so happy to have met Dr. Dave. He has changed Olivia’s life. After our first visit, Dr. Dave was confident he could help Olivia. I was so happy to hear that you can’t even imagine!!! We have been through so many doctors and treatments and nothing was working. I was beginning to think that Olivia would never live a normal happy life again. After seeing Dr. Dave, her headaches seem to become less frequent and then disappeared!!!! Olivia is medicine free also!! Olivia is back competing gymnastics and has qualified for State for Level 6 at her second meet. She has gotten medals for placing. She did so well at her meets that she moved up to Level 7 mid season!! We are all so happy Dr. Dave came into our lives. All of my children now see Dr. Dave and are happy healthy kids. We love Hanson Family Chiropractic!!”


David Hanson with a young patient

Such a happier child

“My daughter Ava is 11. She has always had problems with constipation. Ever since she was a small baby and I was breastfeeding her, she would be constipated. We would visit the doctor and we try over the counter products, foods, Karo syrup. Nothing worked. This has been happening her entire life. Well, we met Dr. Dave and Ava has a new life!!! She no longer complains of a tummy ache. She is no longer doubled over in pain and crying from her constipation. She is regular and is such a happier child. Dr. Dave was referred to us by our other daughter Olivia’s gymnastics Coach Doug. We are so happy to have been introduced to Dr. Dave. We love Hanson Family Chiropractic!”


Never Been to a Chiropractor

Amanda photo “Having never been to a chiropractor before, Dr. Hanson was very informative and knowledgeable about explaining how chiropractic care works. He and his staff are very friendly, patient with children, and explain everything they are doing. They care about their patients, listen, and follow up to see how you are doing. We have been very pleased with Dr. Hanson.”


No more injury

“I sought out the care of a chiropractor because of a neck injury. The office has a friendly and comfortable feeling as you enter. Others would feel the same. Dr. Hanson and staff are extremely friendly and make you feel very comfortable and welcome. Dr. Hanson is very clear and specific. He is very easy to talk to and when you ask questions, he takes the time to answer you and make sure you understand. Great rapport! Awesome rapport! For those that are hesitant to be ‘cracked,’ adjustments are fine. Dr. Hanson is understanding and gentle knowing I don’t like to be ‘cracked,’ but I feel great and can return to normal activity. No more injury! The result I felt immediately was my neck pain was less intense than before I started treatment. Over time, I felt great-no more injury and I have more neck mobility! The overall quality of care is excellent. I would absolutely recommend Hanson Family Chiropractic to my family and friends.”


Hasn’t been sick since

Brooklyn photo “My daughter, Brooklyn, was just one where I wanted to get her analyzed just to see results. Nothing was particularly ‘wrong.’ Based on her scan results, I felt that eventually giving her chiropractic treatment was a great solution. However, before I did, I took the time the think because it was so new to me and I was nervous. Then, my daughter got 4 ear infections and was sick nonstop for a period of 4 months. I did a couple of rounds of antibiotics for the ear infections and knew I didn’t want to make a habit of that. We tried so many preventive methods to keep her healthy. I tried homeopathic remedies. Nothing worked and her ears weren’t draining. Brooklyn was missing school, her sleep was affected, and she was constantly congested. She just wasn’t happy and she was sick literally every other week. I took her in to see Dr. Dave after seeing an ENT. I was apprehensive at first. It was all new to me. Plus Dr. Dave is so young that I wondered how experienced he was. I did feel comfortable with him though, so he stayed in my mind from the initial visit until I came back saying ‘Help!’ later on. My daughter loves him, loves his demeanor and gets excited to see him. I’ve realized his experience is stellar and his youth is actually a benefit. After starting chiropractic, Brooklyn’s congestion cleared up almost immediately, sleep improved and she hasn’t been sick since!”


Izzie high fiveGreat Improvements With Sleep

“My daughter was having a hard-time focusing or slowing her body down. It was getting harder for her to focus as she moved up in school. She was also having a hard time falling asleep. Since Izzie started getting adjusted, she sleeps better, is calmer, and has been healthier. Dr. Dave is very patient and listens well. He didn’t push us into any choices, but his confidence in the approach helped. It took a few weeks until we saw changes, but then it was great improvements.”


Showing Progress Across the Board – NeuroStorm Success

Emmett photo“Our family looked into chiropractic care after our OT suggested it and after attending the ADHD workshop Dr. Dave presented at his office. My husband and I had many “ah-ha” Emmett moments during his presentation. We had long known Emmett’s behavior and attention suffered due to sleep apnea. He had his adenoids removed and tubes in his ears at 20 months old. While we saw some improvements following the surgery, the benefits waned as Emmett grew. His attention and fine motor issues became the focus as he started attending preschool full time. At age 4, Emmett started attending private OT sessions at My Recess Inc. and a social group at Riverview Counseling Services, Ltd. While both of these helped immensely with his focus and motor skills, Emmett still struggled to consistently show progress. After receiving chiropractic care, Emmett sleeps soundly each night, and he wakes rested in the morning! We have also seen a huge change in his ability to process situations that make him frustrated or upset. We are able to talk through his frustration much more easily. Emmett now shows consistent progress with all therapists as well! He has made so much progress that he only sees his therapists bi-monthly! Dr. Dave and his team are amazing! They are all personable, caring and knowledgeable. The organized way Dr. Dave personalizes each patient’s care is THE reason so many patients see success! The place is remarkable!”


Does this sound like your child? Click here watch our NeuroStorm Virtual Workshop. We’d love to support your family!

Pinched nerve has resolved!

Liam photo “We started chiropractic care for Liam because of a pinched nerve in his neck. Liam is active in sports and we aren’t sure what caused it. The pinched nerve made sports difficult and even bothered him when he slept. It has not been an issue at all since starting chiropractic care! Dr. Dave is very professional and his staff is very helpful. Dr. Dave is fantastic with the care of our son!”



My Flexibility has Improved!

“My back used to hurt and so did my shoulders. I was always asking my mom for back rubs. Now, I barely ever do it! In dance class, I have improved a lot with my flexibility.”


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