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Your Power Hour Starts When You Go to Bed

Yesterday we introduced the concept of the Power Hour.

If you start your Power Hour in the morning, I can almost guarantee that you’ll stop the habit. The secret of a successful Power Hour is to commit to it and plan it the night before.

It starts with the conversation you have with yourself as you’re preparing for bed. Do you find yourself thinking, “I’ll do my Power Hour if I feel good in the morning,” or something like that? If you let those thoughts win, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, set yourself up for success by creating the right conditions and environment. This principle applies to any endeavor. For example, an alcoholic sets himself up for failure by spending time in bars. Maintaining the right environment is critical to helping him govern his habits.

So put your workout clothes and shoes next to your bed. Set your alarm if needed to give yourself plenty of time. If you work out at home, make sure your workout space is cleaned up and ready to go so you won’t have any excuses.

In addition to planning the night before, here are a few more ways you can create conditions for a successful Power Hour:

  • Keep your phone loaded with audiobooks.
  • Purchase exercise DVDs to use in your home on the days when you wake up late or are otherwise unable to make it to the gym.
  • Keep educational listening materials in your car to listen as you drive.
  • If you exercise at home, install a TV so you can watch educational DVDs while you workout.
  • Set up a special room or area in your home where you can have private time for prayer, meditation, reading, or other personal development activities.

And because reading ideas are not enough, right now, take some time to write down what you can do to create the right conditions for a successful, consistent Power Hour.

Done is better than perfect.

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