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What's Behind the Diagnosis

The most common reason a parent might bring their child in to Hanson Family Chiropractic is because of neuro-sensory issues, including ADHD, sensory processing, autism, focus issues, anxiety – or anything else in that world of challenges. Although there are a million different diagnoses codes in that world, we generally break these down into 3 types of children: the raging bull, the drunken bull and the combo kid.

The first type of child is the raging bull. This is where they have way too much energy and they are literally bouncing off the walls. They will usually have a diagnosis of ADHD, anxiety and things like that.

The second type of child is the drunken bull child. This would be your space-cadet or daydreamer. They usually have a hard time focusing, often have a weak core, and are many times diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder.

Then we have the combo kids where we have the best of both worlds. These kids are really high energy, really disorganized and often have the bigger diagnoses including autism, seizure disorders and things like that.

The amazing thing about our office is that we utilize the latest technology to accurately measure what’s going on in your child’s neuro-sensory system, which not only lets us know how to better care for your child but lets you, as the parent better, understand what your child is experiencing and how they’re processing the world around them.

If you’d like to learn more about what your child is experiencing and where some of these challenges are really coming from, our team offers wonderful pediatric care, please contact us!

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