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What Happens to a Pregnant Woman's Body?

pregnant coupleWhen a woman becomes pregnant, the changes in her body begin almost immediately, and continue until she gives birth—and even after into the little discussed ‘fourth trimester’.

So, what really happens to a woman’s body when she becomes pregnant? We break it down below and discuss how chiropractic may be able to help you experience your best pregnancy yet.

1. Center of Gravity

During pregnancy, a mother’s center of gravity shifts and her posture compensates accordingly, increasing the lumbar curve and placing extra strain and force through the lumbar spinal joints. Chiropractic adjustments are designed to gently help spinal bones remain in place to reduce the likelihood of pinched nerves or sciatic pain from shifting weight. Definitely a plus!

2. Hormones

The ligament laxity necessary for birthing creates instability in all of the joints, including the spine and pelvis. This creates aggravation of previous injuries and amplifies pelvic imbalances.

3. Physiology

A growing baby expands the lower rib cage, aggravating the mid back joints. A modified gait becomes wide and aggravates the pelvic joints, hip joints, and sciatic nerves. Also, loss of the cervical (neck) curve due to postural changes may result in headaches.  Dr. Dave has undergone training in special chiropractic techniques for pregnant women that allow him to perform adjustments comfortably and safely for both mom and baby. Like so many other moms that visit us at HFC, your aches and pains can become a thing of the past. Feel free to reach out – Dr. Dave is an expert in the field!

4. Pelvis

The pelvic misalignment alters the pelvic opening and creates tension through the soft tissues which support the uterus. Sacra subluxation disrupts the neuro-biomechanics of the pelvic region which may contribute to dystocia, also known as difficult labor. Many of our mamas under our care have noted improved labor times and smoother delivery! Win win!

We Can Help

If you’re pregnant, or plan on becoming pregnant soon, we can help your body better prepare for the transformation it’s about to experience. We’ve helped hundreds of women just like you in the past, and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals in health, naturally.

To book a visit, contact us today.

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