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What Does an Adjustment Do?

Many people are surprised to learn that half of our patients are kids and babies, none of which have neck or back pain. So if they aren’t coming to remove pain, what is the adjustment actually doing for them?

Well, first of all, the adjustment restores normal motion and alignment and if you think of the compressive forces that work during the birth process, you can start to see why that would be necessary for baby to get adjusted.
Secondly, the restored motion facilitates healthy incoming sensory information that travels through the spine.

Thirdly, a healthy flow of sensory information into their spine helps calm an overactive fight or flight response. Fourthly, good in – good out. Garbage in – garbage out. If there is a calmer healthier nervous system, that means less stress, better focus, a more robust immune response, a healthier immune system and more.

In other words, the adjustment does a lot! All kids deserve to be checked and adjusted by a pediatric chiropractor so reach out to Hanson Family Chiropractic soon!

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