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Wait - What Does A Spine Do?

If you’ve followed us on social media, you know that we don’t talk a lot about back pain, neck pain, or things like that. But we do talk a lot about mental health, kids issues with focusing in school, digestive and immune issues and some of these “bigger health” topics.

But why would a chiropractor be talking about these things – we’re spine doctors, right? Although that’s true, it’s important to think about what your spine actually is and does. To start, it isn’t just a bunch of bones stacked up on top of each other to keep you vertical. Instead, your spine is essentially how your brain and body are able to communicate with each other. Your brain is in charge of everything that your body does, but it’s locked away in a quiet dark skull. The only way for it to know what’s going on in the world is to gather information from the nerves all over your body, have that information flow up into your spine and then up into your brain. And likewise, the only way your brain can do anything is to send instructions back down through your spine to the different parts of your body. So when we go to adjust a child’s or grown-up’s spine, we aren’t trying to move bones around to take away pain. Instead, we’re trying to clear out the disfunction within that communication, that way they can feel better, heal better and thrive.

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