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Subluxations in Children

children smilingIf you understand Latin, you might know that the clinical term “subluxation” refers to, “less than full light”. Chiropractors use this term to describe a form of spinal nerve interference that dulls the spinal nerve signals controlling our health, wellness, and vitality. The spinal column or spinal CORE is filled with nerve connections linking the brain to the body. It is a system that is designed to be durable, yet incredibly sensitive and alert to the tiniest of stressors. It is the body’s growth, development, and repair lifeline that must be cared for from birth throughout an entire lifetime. This means that every child should have the opportunity to have their spinal core checked for subluxation BEFORE symptoms of poor health or spinal problems emerge.

Today’s chiropractors are equipped to check any child of any age for subluxations. Nerve interference is likely to be painless and symptomless in its early stages, however, subluxations do alter the electrical nerve signaling in and around the spine. If the subluxations are more involved, they can actually alter the temperature around the spine and the regularity of the heartbeat. This is why highly sensitive sensors had to be developed for use with babies, children, adolescents, adults, and even seniors. At HFC we utilize the incredible INSiGHT “Subluxation Station” to detect these small but dangerous interference patterns by simply placing sensors on the spine and checking the heartbeat. The Subluxation Station is not only certified by the Space Foundation, but it has also been so successful at detecting and measuring subluxations that it is FDA registered and has been used in the space exploration program.

Children are the most vulnerable to subluxation. They are rapidly growing and developing while exploring their environment. Continual bumps and falls can place unhealthy strain on the spine. Poor seated posture, especially in adolescents, can create subluxations. Diets high in sugars, corn syrup, and preservatives are actually toxic to the nervous system. Add emotional stress to the mix and the body’s control circuits are continually overloaded. As this overloading continues, reactions occur throughout the child’s developing spine and nervous system.

child in schoolHere are the 4 most common symptoms of a subluxated child:

  1. Failure to thrive/ fatigue/ lethargy
  2. Distracted concentration/ altered behaviors
  3. Lowered immunity with recurrent infections
  4. Heightened environmental sensitivities and allergies

Interestingly, spinal pain and symptoms are not the primary complaint of a subluxated child or adolescent. These certainly can come later as the muscles and joints develop, but it is the non-spinal symptoms that are most troubling to parents and chiropractors.

At HFC, “we don’t guess, we test!” The safe and non-invasive scans can be performed even on infants, and will tell us definitively if your child is subluxated, and what we can do about it. Schedule your family to be checked today!

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