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Recipe for a Healthy Baby

Cooking time: 9 months



  • Food! Only a pinch more than usual
  • Exercise: Movement is essential! A daily walk will do wonders
  • Multivitamin: a brand your Doc recommends
  • Folic Acid: start BEFORE you get pregnant
  • Omega 3’s: make your baby a genius!
  • Vitamin D: make your baby grow big & strong!
  • Calcium: for strong bones & good teeth
  • Choline: helps baby’s brain develop properly
  • Iron: needed for energy and growth
  • Magnesium: builds & repairs your body & baby’s

Cooking Instructions

To make sure your baby is healthy and happy from the beginning, make sure you’re eating a good diet full of fruits, vegetables, and protein! Avoid anything processed and with additives.

On average, a pregnant mom gains 27lbs. You are eating for two, but remember, one of you is about the size of a peanut so only eat a bit more than usual! Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can cause problems for both baby and mom.

Not getting enough protein is a common mistake pregnant mothers make and can lead to complications such as preeclampsia. This can be easily avoided by making sure you have a bit of protein in every meal. Eggs are a great way to start the day!

And of course, don’t forget regular visits to your friendly neighborhood Chiropractor!

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