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Amazing Atmosphere and A Plethora of Knowledge

Christin W photoI came to Dr. Dave for a breech pregnancy causing sciatica pain at 27 weeks pregnant. Additionally, I was struggling with gestational diabetes for the second time. I also have a very physical job that caused my middle back pain between my shoulder blades. Sciatica pain was worst when walking too much or sitting for a period of time then standing. This affected my life with rest being the main priority instead of getting involved with too many activities or getting normal chores done. I have tried lifestyle changes like supplements, but I needed more physical help.

I achieved more energy and relief instantly after my adjustment. I have delivered my second baby remaining medication free for the gestational diabetes. I delivered her much quicker than my first and vaginally. I only had seven minutes of pushing and my water broke naturally six days early. I also have appreciated using healthier options to fuel my body.

Dr. Dave is really calm, professional and friendly. I definitely feel his care for each and every person he comes in contact with. The girls at the desk are amazingly accommodating and friendly. They are bright and cheery and always a pleasure to walk into. There’s an amazing atmosphere and a plethora of knowledge shared amongst all those cared for by HFC crew.

Lindsey and Dr. Dave photo

Relief from My Pregnancy Symptoms

I originally came in for severe tension headaches due to pregnancy. I had no idea Dr. Dave would also relieve me of my horrible nausea, insomnia, and general stress that I had at 14 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t enjoying pregnancy and my body was exhausted. My tension headaches disappeared following care and I was able to get off my anti-nausea meds and sleep! My scans showed significant relief from stress. All while still growing and working on my feet. This entire group of people actually cares about you! I always feel welcome. I feel blessed to have found this tribe. I can’t wait to bring my little guy here in August.

SI Joint Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Viki with dr davidI started chiro care a couple years ago but have come back to it because I am pregnant with number 3. I had very bad SI joint pain with my last pregnancy and wanted to avoid it this time around!! I also have both my kids (4 and 2 yrs. old.) doing regular chiro care for general health and well being.

My SI joint is flaring a bit this pregnancy, but chiro care has made it SO MUCH BETTER!! I can feel it, but it’s not constant pain, it’s not keeping me awake at night, I can keep living life! I’ve also noticed that I don’t have any other pains – lower back, etc, as my pregnancy progresses :) My kids have been healthy through this icky season!! We’ve only had mild colds and they have been able to bounce back so fast!!

I love that HFC really makes you feel like family! My kids love it there. In the beginning my daughter was very shy and hesitant, but everyone being so friendly and caring – now she loves going!! I truly feel cared for more than just my chiro care!!

Holistic, Natural Treatment During Pregnancy

Dr. Hanson, Eileen and Claire“I started chiropractic care while pregnant with my first child. I had a lot of back pain due to an ever growing belly! I was determined to work up until I was in labor, but teaching was getting harder and harder. I am happy to say I taught a full day at school the day I went into labor!

Being pregnant, medications were not an option for me. I was determined to get holistic, natural treatment for the sake of my baby.

My biggest milestone was the birth of my happy, healthy daughter! Labor and delivery were uneventful, and my recovery was as to be expected-no doubt thanks to Dr. Dave!

My daughter Claire and I love coming to see Dr. Dave! He was great while I was pregnant with her, and sees her now still at 4 months old. She and I have greatly benefited from her chiropractic care! Dr. Dave and his staff are so FLEXIBLE with appointments. With a brand new baby, this has been invaluable! I’m so grateful that last minute appointment changes always work out and my daughter and I can make sure we stay on a healthy track!
- E.P.

Conceived Right Away and Had an Easy Pregnancy

Christin W. photo“I started chiro care 8 months ago because I had chronic headaches and a lot of lower back pain. I was always popping Ibuprofen to fight the pain and discomfort. The back pain affected my sleep and the headaches affected my ability to be my best at work. There were days I had trouble getting out of bed because I consistently would wake with a headache….

Since seeing Dr. Dave I can not even tell you the last time I had a headache… let alone pop a painkiller! I know it has been more than a year!

I believe chiro care helped me get pregnant right away. In March 2016 I was told that I was going to have a difficult time conceiving…. and I was pregnant in April 2016 (proved them wrong!). I saw Dr. Dave through the entire pregnancy and, I believe, because of this, all of the aches and pains people expect throughout pregnancy did not affect me. I never struggled sleeping, I did not have any pelvic discomfort, I do not have any back pain until the very end of the pregnancy, I was able to work out at the gym and work (on my feet all day) until the day my water broke!

The team at Hanson Family Chiropractic is just amazing! I, honestly, have never met a group of nicer individuals. They put their patients first and are truly devoted to the well being of everyone who walks into the office. The Hanson Family Chiropractic environment is like one you do not come across often! I have nothing but positive things to say about the Hanson Family Chiro Staff! <3 ”

Hopeful for a Healthy and Uneventful Pregnancy

Catherine and Dr. Dave“I have struggled with back pain most of my life as a result of sports, bad posture and an abnormal curvature of my spine. By the time I started seeing Dr. Dave I couldn’t lay flat on my back at all and sleeping was painful and uncomfortable. I’ve also struggled with infertility and my first pregnancy after IVF was very unhealthy and my son was born with a lot of problems.

After seeing Dr. Dave my back pain has cleared up quickly. We also did another round of IVF, got pregnant easily and so far no issues. I’m hopeful this will continue to be a healthy and uneventful pregnancy under Dr. Dave’s care.

Dr. Dave and his tribe are like family. They are caring, positive and always greet me at the door with a smile. They hold my son while I get adjusted and share in our joys and progress. I love everything about each one of them.”

Dr. Dave has been the first person to congratulate my pregnancy milestones

Lissa photo“I was referred to Dr. Dave by a friend who heard me talking about all of my ‘weird’ health concerns. I felt like every conversation I had about my health started with describing symptoms that just didn’t fit ‘the norm’. I talked with my primary care physician and endocrinologist about just feeling ‘off’ in multiple systems and trying to find some answers. My endocrinologist tried to adjust my thyroid medication for Grave’s Disease and my primary care physician only treated symptoms that were associated with specific conditions such as sinus infections and vertigo. I spent about 6 months dealing with symptoms such as infections, dizziness, fatigue, weight fluctuation, and frustration with conceiving.

I have always been an athlete and have been very in touch with how my body feels and responds to the demands that I place on it. My greatest concern was just losing touch with my body and not understanding why or what to do about it. Dr. Dave was the first person to look at my concerns, my symptoms, my scans, and my ‘weird’ and tell me it made sense and that he had a plan.

About one month after I started with Dr. Dave my husband and I found out we were expecting. My symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, and neck pain all resolved within 6 weeks of care. My scans matched the improvements I was feeling, even with the changes my body was experiencing during my first trimester. I have not had a cold or infection or any major health concerns in the past 6 months. My thyroid medication dose has been the same (even with a pregnancy!), and that hasn’t been something that has been consistent for me more than 3 months in a row without a dosage change in 4 years!

It has been seamless to transition from treating my original health concerns to following me through pre-natal and maintenance chiropractic care weekly, allowing me to feel my best every week. Dr. Dave has been the first person to congratulate my pregnancy milestones, and the family atmosphere at Hanson Family Chiropractic is something I feel with every visit and every time I call.”

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