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Natural Choice at Life's Most Natural Time

Assessing and adjusting pregnant moms

preggo backThe miracle known as life is in full swing when an expectant mom enters a chiropractic office. This miracle is an unfolding natural event, so it makes sense that an ideal health partner in this incredible sequence of pregnancy, labor, delivery, maternal care, and neo-natal checkup is the chiropractor. Sure, chiropractic is renowned for helping pregnant moms with uncomfortable lower backs, hips and necks. However, the real story beyond spinal care is about energy, vitality, and the growth and development of that precious new life. Because chiropractic offers a drug-less approach with a special focus on restoring balance while re-energizing the nervous system, it is a natural choice for expectant families.

We are doctors, not therapists.

We are extensively trained to uncover chronic and emerging tension and pressure patterns that affect the nerve connections within the spinal core. This vital communication corridor connects the mother’s brain to every muscle, joint, organ and gland within her body…and the developing baby-to-be.

The stress of changing postures, hormones, and emotions can fatigue and overwhelm a mother’s system. This is where we, as chiropractors, can make all the difference. Chiropractic delivers unique assessment and adjustment protocols that take into account the natural changes during pregnancy. An important and integral part of assessment is a thorough stress-check using the INSiGHT spinal-neural scanning technology that allows us to track all of these subtle changes.


This safe, non-invasive diagnostic system is the perfect way to monitor spinal tone and balance while keeping an eye on a mom’s overall stress levels. It literally gives insight into the health of the expectant mom and helps us make the best clinical decisions and create the perfect care plan. Each time an adjustment is made, a wonderful surge of positive brain and nerve chemistry is released. This allows the mother and the growing baby to experience a sense of ease, which translates to more comfortable spines, greater energy, and a healthier pregnancy.

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