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Choosing the Right Footwear for Your Kids

Most kid shoes make me cringe!

toddler-on-balance-bike-sqOur feet are truly remarkable, a marvel of engineering. They boast an intricate network of joints that enable us to perform activities as complex as walking, running, and jumping. Additionally, our feet are among the richest sources of nerves in our bodies. This should come as no surprise considering we consist of 206 bones and an even greater number of joints. Remarkably, we can execute intricate movements without even consciously thinking about it, and this requires an intricate exchange of information between our feet and our brains.

Considering the feet’s complexity and the fact that they are the initial point of contact with the ground, it’s evident that this is a nerve-rich region.

However, if you think about most kid (and even adult) shoes, they often resemble stiff, thick-soled casts that immobilize the foot, depriving our nervous systems of this crucial and brain-building information.

What we truly need are shoes that permit the foot to move as nature intended, while still offering protection from the ground’s potential hazards. Fortunately, various brands recognize this need and have developed what are known as “kid barefoot shoes.” A quick online search for “kid barefoot shoes” will reveal a wide array of styles and price ranges to choose from. Personally, my sons have experienced great comfort and support from brands like Xero and Vivobarefoot, both of which offer excellent options in this category.

As an added bonus, why not consider getting yourself a pair of barefoot shoes to match? It’s a small but meaningful step toward allowing your feet to move naturally and take in the world as they were designed to do. By prioritizing footwear that respects the complexity and sensitivity of our feet, you can contribute to your children’s and your own overall health and well-being.


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