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Build Your Immune Resiliency This Winter

Family playing in the snow.As we head into winter time it’s natural for our immune systems to become more vulnerable. We get less sunshine, exercise, fresh air, colder temperatures.

And this year especially, it’s important for us all to focus on what we can do to make our immune systems as resilient as possible. Because no one can give you a cold unless your immune system is suppressed and therefore vulnerable.

You’ve probably seen this within your own family. You’ve got one kid that catches everything, and another kid who never seems to. Why do we hear from so many parents that their kids don’t get sick as often once they start getting adjusted – they’re just as exposed, but now they’re more resilient.

Here are my Top 4 Things you can do to build your resiliency this winter:

Rest! Most people – both kids and adults – don’t get enough sleep. That’s my most common recommendation for most health issues. Go to bed earlier, sleep in later, darken your bedroom, cut screen time before bed, do whatever you got to do to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep. Most of the healthy things your body does happen while you’re sleeping, so start with that.

Hydrate! With water, not juice, not coffee, not soda, not tea. Water. Our body’s are mostly water, and it’s crucial for our detox systems, and is especially important to clear our ENT systems. A congested, runny nose is not caused by a cold virus, it’s caused by our immune systems in response to a cold virus. A runny nose carries the bad stuff out of you, so we don’t want to take meds to stop that, we want to drink water to help facility that. A hydrated body means more liquidy boogers, and more liquidy boogers drain easier than dehydrated sticky boogers. Grossed out yet? Go have a glass of water.

Supplement! I’m normally not a big supplement guy, they’re called supplements because they’re supposed to supplement a healthy diet. But there are a few staples to make a part of your routine because you can’t get them from your diet.

Vitamin D is my top recommendation. Give it a google to read how crucial it is for immune function. I ready one study that showed it was 100% effective against preventing the flu when taken regularly. Plus it’s cheap and easy to take for kids and grownups.

Our favorite general immune supplement is something aptly named Immune Support, which is a blend of a few different things that help support immune function. It’s nice because it comes in a dropper and it tastes like honey, so kids like taking it too. We’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients on this. Both of these we stock in the office, both are very inexpensive, so pick some up at your next visit.

And the last thing you can do to make yourself more resilient this winter is get adjusted. Unfortunately many people don’t associate chiropractic with boosting your immune system but, like every other system in your body, your immune system is controlled and regulated by your nervous system. Your brain and nerves ramp your immune system up and down, it’s your nervous system that recognizes there’s a threat in the first place and tells your immune system how to best respond. And all that communication between your brain and your other systems occurs through your spine. So if we can release the stress and tension in your spine, facilitating a more robust immune response, you’re a healthier and more resilient person.

So those are my Top 4 Things: rest, hydrate, supplement, get adjusted. Let’s make it a healthy winter!

Dr. Dave Hanson
Hanson Family Chiropractic

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