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Join Our Back To School Event

Back-to-School-Neurostorm-imageFor every family, Back to School season can be a tough time. We go from the laid back, easy-going schedule of summer, to waking up early, packing bags and lunches, making sure homework is done, and off to the routine of school.

Except this year has been anything but routine, and the upcoming Back to School season is especially full of stress, anxiety, and unanswered questions for us all.

If you’ve got a kiddo with Sensory Challenges, Focus and Learning Challenges, or Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Challenges… then this fall has you beyond worried about how your child is going to handle the vastly different routines, the masks, the mandates, and more.

The NeuroStorm

While we can’t take all of your worries away, we can help in a big way. We’ve scheduled our first ever Live Virtual Back to School event, focusing on the “NeuroStorm” that is, unfortunately, a massive problem this go year!

Live On Zoom

We’ll go Live on Zoom with you August 25th at 8pm  to connect with you heart-to-heart and help answer your questions, calm your fears, and help your family build out successful action steps and strategies for your child to best navigate school this fall and stay healthy, happy, and on track!

Safely And Comfortably

Not only can you join us comfortably from your home for this event, but we’ll have our team moderating and connected the whole time to make sure you get your questions and concerns answered live and on the spot!

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