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Baby! Baby! What an Adjustment!

At first, it may appear to be coincidental. You are having trouble becoming pregnant and you also have a problem with low back pain. Are they related? Can low back pain actually cause infertility? The answer to the first question may be “yes,” while the answer to the second question is more along the lines of, “The cause of your infertility may also be the cause your lower back pain.”

Woman's Abdomen

Resolving back pain may also improve nerve supply to reproductive organs, restoring fertility.

Many women have problems conceiving because of a condition known as endometriosis. In fact, endometriosis is the cause for 30-40% of female infertility. This condition occurs when uterine tissue, known as endometrium, attaches itself to tissue and organs outside the uterus, including other reproductive organs, the bladder and the gastrointestinal tract. While the primary symptom of endometriosis is painful menstruation, back pain may result as well.

Obviously, it is imperative for you to see a health care professional when either one or both of these conditions are present. If your diagnosis is endometriosis, chiropractic care will often reduce much of the pain and discomfort associated with it. In addition, several chiropractic case studies have documented case studies in which infertile women have become pregnant after starting chiropractic care.