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More Baby & Toddler Success Stories

No More Torticollis

ClaireOur little Claire Bear is a very happy baby, but struggled with severe torticollis, back arching, low core, and occasional stomach issues. This made it difficult for her to sit up on her own and was contributing to some flatness on the back of her head. She had a pretty intense entrance into this world and spent the majority of her last month in the womb sitting quite low, causing stress on her neck. We tried doing stretches on our own with her, but nothing was helping with her inability to turn her head to the left. She was also a chronic catnapper, never fully comfortable enough to get great rest.

Chiropractic care has completely changed Claire’s sleeping habits and she can now turn her head like a tiny owl! She is taking two naps a day like a champ, and sleeping through the night. She is also sitting up, and on the move with crawling! Her chronic congestion has also slowed down a bit!

Read more about Claire »

We chose Dr. Dave and Hanson Family Chiropractic because we had such great results with our other daughter, Gracie. We knew that doing this would be the best move for Claire as well, and we (and she!) couldn’t be happier. It’s been wonderful to see the staff at Hanson again, as they are always so kind, caring, and knowledgeable. We feel totally comfortable and reassured that both our girls have been in great hands with Dr. Dave and his practice. If you are feeling hesitant about chiropractic care, don’t. Go see Hanson Family Chiropractic sooner rather than later, you won’t regret it!

-Mom & Dad

Focused on Overall Health

Hudson photo“We brought Hudson in for reflux issues that he has had since he was born. It affected him the most when we would lay him down to sleep and after he would nurse. We weren’t able to lay him down flat on his back because he couldn’t breathe well and would make gurgling sounds.

Hudson has been able to sleep flat on his back and stopped making gurgling/choking noises. He is breathing better and seems to be processing breastmilk better!

Both doctors are very kind and easy to talk to. I have asked them questions about all kinds of things from health, vaccines, paleo diet, and tantrums. It’s nice to go somewhere where you don’t feel rushed. You can have a real conversation with a doctor and they really care about your overall health.”

-Mom & Dad

So Glad We Found This Approach

Liam V.“Liam started showing signs of reflux pretty much since the day he was born. Liam’s sister, Laya, had reflux as an infant but never to the level Liam had. Knowing the difference and severity of his case we decided through discussions with his pediatrician that the “only solution” for relief were medications.

The medicine would work at first and than it would quickly wear off and show signs of reflux again. Sleep would be disrupted, his mood would be all over the place and you could tell he was overall extremely uncomforatable. We would contact the pediatrician only to find out we would have to increase his dosage and than eventually switch medication all together. Liams father and I weren’t excited about dosing our infant with medicine after medicine and I started to search for an alternative approach.

There was a small window when we took Liam off his meds completely that his symptoms, while under chiropractic care, came to a peak and we got a little nervous maybe this now wasn’t working. We addressed our fears and concerns during a routine adjustment, and Dr. Hanson calmly assured us these few days/week was all a part of the process and to do our best to trust the process and be patient and it was all signs that we were headed in the right direction. We had already seen improvements in Liam’s sleep, so we knew something for sure was working.

We are happy to report, we held through, trusted the process and Liam is med free and reflux free. His sleeping is fantastic and his mood and overall happiness is shining nonstop. I’m so glad we found this approach and I have found myself telling complete strangers what this has done for him. I wish I had done this with my daughter 5 years ago.

-Mom & Dad

Extremely Welcoming

Hannah photo“It was determined that Hannah had a gross motor delay when she was 6 months old. She was late to roll over, bear weight, and is still working on crawling. She began P.T. at 6 months, and her therapist mentioned possible Torticollis as well. Aside from the poor muscle tone and stiff neck, Hannah suffered from bouts of severe constipation and restlessness. She did not sleep more than 4 hours at a time until she was 6 months old.

Recently, Hannah has graduated to solid foods and is much happier. She no longer has GI issues and is able to sleep longer. Her physical therapist has also noticed the muscles in her neck are more relaxed.

Dr. Hopper was extremely welcoming and showed such concern from our first visit on. Hannah is often afraid of strangers, but after our first month, he is able to adjust her without any tears. The entire office is warm, friendly, and understanding.

-Mom & Dad

Calm, gentle and caring

Woman holding babyWhen Miles went in for his two month checkup, the pediatrician discovered his soft fontanelle was closed. We were immediately referred to a neurosurgeon and we decided to seek chiropractic care as well. A thermography scan showed major stress points on C1, C2 & C3. The vagus nerve that runs through these vertebra has many functions, but one of them is controlling when the plates in your head close. We had to remove that stress point in his spine or face a more serious situation.

At our halfway scan, the stress points on C1, C2 & C3 were completely gone! His spine is completely stress free – he is less stiff and he’s pooping better too! A happy, unintended side effect :)

Dr. Dave & Dr. Hopper have been amazing at explaining the whole chiropractic process with me. They are calm, gentle and caring with Miles & he loves coming to get adjusted! Happy smiles from him the whole way home.

-Mom & Dad

Thijs loves his adjustments

Thijs photoAt 8 weeks Thijs sleep was erratic and didn’t seem to be restful. He would cry while still fully asleep. Additionally my sleep was negatively affected. I did everything I could to help him sleep more soundly, but nothing made a noticeable difference.

A week after beginning Chiropractic care, Thijs was sleeping soundly for 6-7 hour stretches at night. Now, if he cries there is a clear reason why and I can attend to his needs more confidently and effectively.

Thijs loves his adjustments, and my other two kids feel at home at the office. I look forward to getting more of the family under care.

-Mom & Dad

We are Extremely Grateful

Dr. Dave and a Patient in costume“We started chiropractic care at the recommendation of our pediatrician because he had chronic ear infections for six months and was experiencing mild hearing loss, which was affecting his ability to develop speech properly. We wanted to avoid having tubes and chiropractic helped do that.

After his first adjustment, his ears drained for 24 hours and improved greatly. By the sixth week of treatment, his hearing loss resolved and tubes were no longer a potential need.

Fluid in his ears continued to be a risk but is held at bay by chiropractic adjustments. When we think that a year ago we were worried about his slow speech development and we look at him now, talking in paragraphs, we are extremely grateful to have found Dr. Dave and Hanson Family Chiropractic. You guys are lovely.”

-Mom & Dad

Ears Completely Clear!

Baby Scarlett“We began chiropractic care for Scarlett due to her “traumatic” birth. She was born early at 34 weeks via emergency c-section. We dealt with sleep and constipation issues, and later problems with fluid in her ears. Since her one and only ear infection in December, no matter what we did, we couldn’t get rid of the fluid.

Upon meeting Dr. Dave and learning about how her birth affected her, everything made sense. Her scans confirmed the symptoms we were seeing, so we were excited to get started and get Scarlett feeling better.

After only a couple weeks of adjustments, I took Scarlett to her pediatrician for an ear check. To our surprise, our doctor told us that both of her ears were completely clear! A week later Scarlett was re-scanned and there was so much improvement shown. Things were so much calmer and clearer. We can’t wait to see continued improvement and health benefits for Scarlett as she has more adjustments!

Dr. Dave and his entire staff are, to put it simply, amazing! They go above and beyond to make their patients, no matter the age, feel comfortable. They treat everyone like family. They love Scarlett and always make her smile! Dr. Dave really has a way with kids, and he always makes the time to thoughtfully answer questions and give suggestions – even if they’re unrelated to treatment. Truly an amazing place with top quality care – a place where people feel so comfortable and at home. What more could you ask for? :)”

-Mom & Dad

Greatest Help For Our Family

Ethan and his mom“After months of not sleeping and colicky behavior, and seeing how impactful regular visits were for our other kids at Hansen Family Chiropractic, we decided to have Dr. Dave begin working with our 6 month old, Ethan. He hadn’t been getting adjustments as we were paying out of pocket, but the benefit we saw with our other child was too significant to ignore.

While some of Ethan’s issues needed to be resolved later on with oral surgery, the severity of his symptoms decreased dramatically during our visits. It allowed our family to function better, and Ethan to be more comfortable. Now that he has had his surgery, we are continuing care because we see the benefit it has for him for his overall health, not just for symptom relief. It is a sacrifice our family makes with four kids, but when your first question is not ‘should we make this work’, but ‘we need to make this work because it is so beneficial.’

For anyone questioning the value and whether the sacrifice is worth it, we know the challenges that can bring and have to evaluate that with our family as well. However, without a doubt this has been one of the greatest help for our family and worth whatever sacrifice is necessary to make it work for our kids.”

-Mom & Dad

Our Family’s Quality of Life Is So Much Better

Photo of Baby Ezra
“We decided to begin chiropractic care for our 5 month old son to aid with respiratory issues he was experiencing. At 2 months, Ezra contracted a cough from a minor cold. After a few days the cough worsened and was accompanied by wheezing. We noticed a significant decline in his nursing and began showing signs of retraction and trouble breathing. He ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis (RSV). After several weeks of supportive care we thought he was all better. At 4 months, he began showing all the same signs again so we took action earlier. He began breathing treatments and this time symptoms only lasted about 2 weeks. We did not want our son to have to rely on medications long term. We also did not want these early life health concerns to cause lasting effects later in his life so we hit the interwebs and found chiropractic.

Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Dave, Ezra has been free of chronic coughing, wheezing, with no signs of any other respiratory concerns. Ezra’s recent milestones are rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back with ease, and sitting unassisted. He is trying very hard to crawl so we anticipate another milestone very soon. Seeing our son without the constant coughing and struggle to breathe has made our family’s quality of life so much better and less stressful.Read more from Jade »

Dr. Dave and his team are delightful, extremely warm, and welcoming. Dr. Dave takes the time to listen to what is going on, and actually studies your concerns and symptoms. You know he cares simply due to his attention to detail. Brittany, Rachael, and Natasha are all amazingly kindhearted and always greet you with a smile. They are also excellent baby snugglers! The HFC Tribe truly feels like a small family. We are so thankful to be a part of this community of people!

If your health issues are not being addressed or resolving with your current efforts, consider chiropractic care – better yet, consider Hanson Family Chiropractic! Join the Tribe and experience health in ways you never thought possible!”

-Mom & Dad

Improved Almost Every Aspect of Our Lives

Photo of Henry“We started care because our 8 month old Henry had been getting ear infections. We were about to start his 4th round of antibiotics when his doctor suggested chiropractic care. We knew we were headed towards tubes so we figured whats the harm in trying chiropractic? Henry had moved through his milestones quickly but then kind of stalled. It took him a really long time to go from pushing up to crawling. He was constantly sick. Always had a runny nose and was constantly throwing up. We just felt so bad for him. Our first baby was sick and there was nothing we could do. It was heartbreaking.

Chiropractic care has improved almost every aspect of our lives. Since starting care, at 10.5 months Henry has started walking and running. He is also sleeping through the night. 7am to 5:30pm he is just a complete joy to be around. He smiles, he laughs and he hasn’t had a single ear infection. When he did get sick he had a runny nose for a few days and it cleared up. Before it would have lingered and turned into an infection.

The whole team is absolutely amazing. Everyone is smiling and genuinely happy to see you. They work so hard to accommodate your schedule. Dr. Dave is amazing with kids and Henry loves to get adjusted. He smiles and laughs when while getting adjusted. Thank you Hanson Family Chiropractic for changing our lives!”

-Mom & Dad

Given Grace and Understanding

Photo of Walker
“We brought Walker (3 months) to Dr. Dave because he was suffering from reflux on a daily basis. In fact, his reflux was so bad, he struggled to nurse and would scream and cry in pain. This discomfort caused Walker to eat less and cry more. A tired baby means a tired mommy and daddy. We needed Walker to eat better and sleep better!

Walker’s latest scan showed what we already knew. His alignment had opened up communication between his brain and his little tummy, alleviating his reflux issues.

A screaming infant and stressed out mommy walked into the doors of HFC and not once did anyone make us feel unwelcome! Instead, I was given grace and understanding making me feel comfortable during my scan and my son’s scan. Thank you so much for that, it meant a lot! :) ”

-Mom & Dad

I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Dave and the girls

Photo of Isaac“Isaac had a very traumatic birth and was born with low muscle tone (hypotonia). He has significant developmental delays and has been in OT, PT and speech since 4 months of age. At one year Isaac was congested 100% of the time and wasn’t crawling or sitting up on his own. That’s when we looked into seeing Dr. Dave.

One month after starting chiropractic care Isaac started sitting up, crawling and has had absolutely no congestion! I am certain Isaac is continuing to progress due to continued chiropractic care. Im so glad I brought him in and fear the thought of where we’d be if we hadn’t.

I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Dave and the girls. Dr. Dave is so good with Isaac and Isaac responds well to him. The girls at the front desk are so willing to hold Isaac when needed and love on him like he truly is part of the HFC family.”

-Mom & Dad

Holistic, Natural Treatment During Pregnancy

Dr. Hanson, Eileen and Claire“I started chiropractic care while pregnant with my first child. I had a lot of back pain due to an ever growing belly! I was determined to work up until I was in labor, but teaching was getting harder and harder. I am happy to say I taught a full day at school the day I went into labor!

Being pregnant, medications were not an option for me. I was determined to get holistic, natural treatment for the sake of my baby.

My biggest milestone was the birth of my happy, healthy daughter! Labor and delivery were uneventful, and my recovery was as to be expected-no doubt thanks to Dr. Dave!

My daughter Claire and I love coming to see Dr. Dave! He was great while I was pregnant with her, and sees her now still at 4 months old. She and I have greatly benefited from her chiropractic care! Dr. Dave and his staff are so FLEXIBLE with appointments. With a brand new baby, this has been invaluable! I’m so grateful that last minute appointment changes always work out and my daughter and I can make sure we stay on a healthy track!

-Mom & Dad

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