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More Adult Success Stories

Chiropractic Care has improved my quality of life.

Photo of AliciaI started chiropractic care because I wanted to see if it could help with my TMJ pain and headaches. I have had TMJ and slept with a mouth guard since high school. I had the most jaw pain and cracking in the morning, which was a very unpleasant way to start the day!

Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life by eliminating the pain I experienced from TMJ. I still have occasional jaw cracking, but the pain is gone. I also experience less frequent headaches and I’ve noticed that my sleep and posture have improved!

Everyone at HFC is extremely friendly and caring! The atmosphere is nice and calm. Dr. Hanson and Dr. Hopper are both very knowledgeable and care about their patients.


I ALWAYS feel cared for and welcome.

Dr. Hanson and MI struggled with neck pain that would radiate down my arm, on and off, since 2009. I lost range of motion in my neck, couldn’t check my blind spot while driving and could not use my upper body to work out without my neck locking up and the pain radiating down my arm. I tried physical therapy and acupuncture, spent thousands of dollars but saw nearly no results. The neck pain eventually came on during running along with a newly developed knee and hip pain. As a person who had a career in fitness, my value is health and wellness. Exercise is foundational to those values and this injury was turning my world upside down. For about five years, after exercise my neck would lock up for weeks at a time. I found a miraculous massage therapist that was able to relieve the pain and restore range of motion within one session but as soon as I used my upper body during a workout, it would lock up again for weeks. I could “sleep wrong” and wake up in pain that would last for weeks. I was able to restore some function on my own with myofascial release techniques to the point of starting and maintaining CrossFit workouts in 2014. but I would often have massive tension headaches post workout. My former CrossFit coach gushed about Hanson Family Chiropractic so I decided to try it in 2015.

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The function was fully restored within a month without tension headaches. I have had only a few setbacks since, and an adjustment always gets me back on track. My hip and knee pain also resolved within that month as well. Now I run and lift without fear of neck, hip or knee problems.

I am a nursing student under constant pressure to perform mentally and physically. When I come for an adjustment my body and mind feel an instant relief. It’s not uncommon for me to ask if I can simply stay on the table for a minute or two after the adjustment if there isn’t a patient directly after my appointment. It sometimes feels like the first time I’ve had peace in a week. I’m so grateful to have started care at Hanson Family Chiropractic.

Oh, I’ve had my fair share of tears due to this office :p. There are dozens of quirky stories to reflect on from each staff member that make coming to the office a joyful experience. Sometimes it’s so joyful you’ll cry due to laughter or you’ll be so overwhelmed with their genuine care for you and your week being that you’ll be moved to tears. I live with depression and that makes socialization tough at times. I try not to speak in absolutes but I ALWAYS feel cared for and welcomed coming into the office and that makes it a place I want to be-an appointment I don’t want to miss. There is always a great big smile and genuinely warm welcome when I walk in the door and a warm farewell when I leave. It’s a wonderful concept, to get joy and caring as part of my healthcare plan. It helps me begin some of my days, and when I’m struggling, and they often don’t know it, the staff help me remember joy…and then I cry.


Dr. Hopper and Dr. Hanson have gone above and beyond

Jess pictureAt a routine visit for my son, Dr. Hanson gave me an adjustment after noticing I was overcoming a cold. After just one adjustment my head started clearing and my nagging lower back pain eased. I had no idea my hips were uneven or that I had two stubborn ribs constantly causing me to throw out my back. In my quest to “take care of mom” this year I decided to get a full evaluation and was taken back at my scans and how they described the exact fatigue my body was feeling. I chalked so much of my aches and pains up to being 8 months postpartum, not realizing I had many issues going as far back as my deliveries with my children.

Sleep! I’m finally getting into a deeper sleep and waking up feeling like I have more energy than I have in quite some time. I’ve had a few setbacks with pulling my back, but lugging a baby soaring in the 97th percentile will do that to your body, but with extra visits I’ve gotten back on track much quicker than I ever have in the past. I’m feeling stronger and my lower back ache is completely gone even though we’re still working on correcting the issue. Dr. Hopper and Dr. Hanson have gone above and beyond with tips on how to improve my posture at home and how to use a foam roller on day’s I’m not feeling my strongest.

Oh gosh, where do I even start. This is a family. They invite you in and take care of you every second you’re there. They’re so accommodating to my families insane schedule and understanding when I need a last minute schedule change. My little guy isn’t a huge fan of mommy getting adjusted as we’re in the height of “stranger danger” and the girls take Liam in as if he’s their own. It’s So reassuring knowing we are taken care of and we’re back on the healthy and healing track in this chapter of life.


I highly recommend Dr. Dave

Every time I got the least bit of a cold, it would turn into a cough and I would have it for months. I went to numerous doctors and specialists, and never was able to improve or find an answer as to what was causing the coughing. I was embarrassed as I felt like I was always coughing!

Then about 8 months ago I started experiencing a stiff neck. I would wake up, and barely be able to turn my head to the right. My range of motion was very limited, and I could not seem to figure out what was causing it. I switched pillows, tried using a lighter purse, and worked on stretching my upper body, but the stiffness only seemed to intensify.

I started seeing Dr. Dave for both of these issues about 6 months ago. He started with an initial evaluation, which included body scans. I immediately felt relief in my neck, and the stiffness and range of movement improved immensely within the first week! I had a couple of colds in the last few months, which turned into coughs, but each time they went away within a week!

The frustrations felt never ending as I really didn’t know what the cause of either problem was. I was beginning to think this was something I had to deal with forever, which was extremely depressing!

I was and still am so grateful and relieved that there has finally been someone able to help me with these issues. I feel like I’m 10 years younger as I am able to move without stiffness and pain! Life is so much more satisfying and I am able to easily do simple tasks throughout the day without feeling tight or stiff. The coughing was an issue I never thought would go away. I am overwhelmed with joy that Dr. Dave was able to help me, and forever grateful. I highly recommend Dr. Dave for his knowledge and professionalism! Thank you!


My whole family loves the Hanson Family Chiropractic Team

Cait B pictureI Started Chiropractic care due to three different problem areas. I have been having right hop pain since June and have been unable to run (which I enjoy). Constant stomach pain and Hormonal/Reproductive Problems resulting in several tests and no results. Lastly, for stress.

I am able to move my shoulders/back with ease since seeing both Dr. Daves. I did not even know this was an issue until after my first few adjustments. My digestion is better and I am able to move my joints/body so much easier with less pain and more movement.

My whole family loves the Hanson Family Chiropractic Team. They are very welcoming. I was very nervous at first to start chiropractic care due to my history with Chiari Malformation but both Dr. Hanson and Dr. Hopper made me feel comfortable and at ease. I am so glad I started Chiropractic care with your team!


Picture of Katie H.


“I started chiropractic care for an ongoing issue with a herniated disk in my back and chronic migraines. Riding and competing with my horse is my hobby and passion, so being laid up with back pain took me out of the saddle. I also had trouble comfortably completing my job day in and out of massaging horses. Bringing health and comfort to these large animals means my body has to be working at its best. I’ve taken pain meds and had physical therapy during the worst points with my back, but chiropractic care has given me the best longterm relief and kept me from having surgery.

I have successfully been able to stay active and healthy in the many facets of my life – being the best mom possible to my two girls, riding daily and competing nationally in jumping competitions, growing my massage business to a full-time job, and still having time for self care.

This office is a gem! The energy is upbeat and welcoming from the moment you walk in the door. The team is helpful and sweet. Dr. Hanson took his time explaining my initial findings and talking through my care plan. Dr. Hopper listens to issues I’m having throughout my care and always makes me laugh. I’ve been in chiropractic care for over a decade at different offices, and this place stands out as the top-notch! :)”


Picture of Ashley G.

Significantly Less Pain

“I started chiropractic care because I was having a lot of back pain and was waking up with all over body pain on a daily basis. I’ve had back pain for as long as I can remember but waking up with pain was new for me over the last 6 months. This pain kept me from getting a restful night sleep.I never tried any pain medications because I wanted a more natural approach. I’m able to walk longer distances without back pain and stand for a longer periods of time without back pain.I also wake up with significantly less pain!The team has always been very positive and friendly with an upbeat attitude. In my initial consultation, I really felt like the doctor listened to my concerns and complaints.”


Picture of Tonya Z.

Friendly, Professional, and Welcoming

“My husband and I initially came into Hanson Family Chiropractic because we both have very physical jobs, which personally takes a toll on my back and shoulders. We were interested to see what chiropractic care could do for not only my back, but overall health.
After only two months of care so far, not only is my back feeling great, but my digestive issues I was having previously are almost non-existent. I have also noticed that my sinus pressure has lessened, and I am sleeping through the night on a much more regular basis.
Everyone at Hanson Chiropractic is very warm and inviting. Both Dr. Daves are very friendly, professional, yet very welcoming.”


Picture of Mr. Wojciech

Kind and Considerate

“I started chiropractic care due to chronic back pain that I’ve had for about twenty years. This may have been from multiple car accidents and heavy lifting at work. I couldn’t play with my son, drive, or do certain activities without pain. I had physical therapy in the past.

I can perform daily activities now without pain since starting care.

Both doctors were very helpful and gave good advice. I would refer any friend or family member to them. The doctors and staff are very kind and considerate.”


Forever Grateful

Johnston family“This may be long winded but every word is sincere. Our family first met Dr. Dave and his wife Kristen in 2014 at a farmer’s market on River St. in Batavia. We were very blurry eyed due to our then 3 year old with endless energy, monthly fever episodes, and having periodic night terrors, and his little 9-month-old brother who was having terrible sleep issues. At the farmers market we never pay much attention to all the tents except for the ones we meant to visit. Dr. Dave and his wife Kristen were standing in their HFC tent handing out literature. At the time we had never really even thought of Chiropractic care as a solution for any of our problems. They were not those people at the farmers market who try to reel you in and buy whatever it is they’re selling, they were very laid back and simply answered any questions we had. The thing that caught our eye was the “Sleep better” point on their board they had set up. They had our interest.

We talked more on the way home from the farmers market and decided to give it a shot because anything was better than a toddler having night terrors on top of a 9 months old getting terrible sleep.

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Speeding this up to a quick synopsis of each of our family members, the 9 month old, now 4, who has been going to HFC ever since, is sleeping at least 10-12 hours a night. When he first started he was also having lots of GI issues. Chiropractic care has helped greatly with his digestion and tummy issues. Any time we are sick, we bring him in for a boost visit and he gets over his illness so much faster. He is doing great in school, and loves going to his Dr. Dave appointments.

Once we saw what chiropractic care was doing for our little once, we decided the bring in his older brother. His older brother was having night terrors, monthly fever episodes with no other symptoms and last summer developed significant uncontrollable tantrums. Since he has been going, he also sleeps any average10-12 hours a night. His endless cycle of 3 days a month fever episodes stopped. His behavior has become much more regulated and his tantrums went from violent 2 hours fights to we are able to bring him back around to calm much faster. After returning to his weekly adjustments last summer, he was able to start communicating during his tantrums and identify his feels, compared to his complete shut down previously. He is also doing great in school (dismissed from Speech services and totally rocking his PT and OT goals!), and also loves going to his Dr. Dave appointments.

Once we saw how great these two were doing, next came Momma Bear. Momma is a teacher and is constantly busy. Mom also struggles with anxiety and depression and balancing high stress levels. After months of feeling “bled”, Mom knew she needed to work on getting her whole body back on track. Through weekly visits, Mom was able to gain back that sense of calm and balance. Chiropractic care allowed her body to form healthier responses to stress! Yay!

And finally, then came dad. Yes, even dad’s stubborn as he is and doesn’t like to admit that it can help him too. Dad is a firefighter. He has allergies, which have lessened substantially, along with with his asthma, which has also become far less severe. Also, the constant back and neck pain are all but gone. Sleep comes easier and the stress of the day is conquerable.

You can’t talk about all these benefits without mentioning the people who provide them. Starting with the quarterback, himself, Dr. Dave. Dr. Dave is dedicated to his patients and his family. He is extremely professional and is always willing to lend an ear or give an opinion if you ask him. He never hesitates to give you extra time if you have questions about your care or just about life in general. He takes a few minutes every visit just to catch up and ask how everyone is doing, so don’t forget to ask him how his own awesome family is doing.
So who is a quarterback without his from line? Kristen, Natasha, Brittany, Rachael, and Dena are probably some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They greet you every single time, by name, with welcoming smile. They never make a big deal out of having to reschedule an appointment which it seems like our family constantly has to do. They are always willing to take a second to see if they can squeeze you in wherever it will work best for you. Also, if you’r like us, sometimes you completely forget you have an appointment even if you get that text message the day before to remind your forgetful self. Life is busy, SO DON’T FORGET YOUR APPOINTMENT.

We have recommended Dr. Dave Dr. Dave and his team to many friends who we think might benefit from it. If we hear someone have any kind of complaint with themselves or their child and we think “Oh, I bet Dr. Dave could fix that” we don’t keep it a secret. We think this team deserves every bit of praise they get through all the reviews they get and with the addition of the new Dr. Dave and his teammates, we think this office will only grow and get better. Our kids already talk to them as if they’ve been there forever and like getting their adjustments from new Dr. Dave equally. We truly couldn’t imagine our lives without chiropractic care in it! It has truly made an amazing difference. We are forever grateful that we gave it a shot 4 years ago and never looked back!”


Very Welcoming and Very Genuine

Photo of DebbieI started chiropractic care because I had IBS. The treatment definitely has helped me. In the past my doctor would recommend I take Imodium. I didn’t feel good about that so I am really thankful to have found a natural, noninvasive way to treat my IBS.

My IBS symptoms have improved, I feel happier and have a better sense of wellbeing.

I don’t know if I can adequately describe how impressed I am with Hanson Family Chiropractic. Dr. Hanson has been treating me for months. He is very professional and makes me feel very comfortable. He is always on time . The girls at the front desk are so nice! Each and everyone of them are very friendly, very welcoming and very genuine. I have never had an appointment with Dr. Hopper but I have talked with him and he too is very nice. I highly recommend this practice.


The Entire Team At HFC Is Wonderful

Picture of Katie Brennan and Ian“Two years ago we were what I thought was a normal family with two kids and parents juggling two careers (busy, exhausted, stressed, sick all of the time, etc.). The tipping point was a severe reaction to antibiotics in our oldest son. He was given another round to help fight a recurring ear infection only to have his entire body break out in a rash and his face swell so bad that he couldn’t open his eyes. It was awful to see how miserable he was and I was desperate for a different solution. I came across a story about how Dr. Dave had helped another little boy with frequent ear infections. I called and spoke to Natasha – who probably could sense the level of panic and worry in my voice. She was amazing at calming me and got us in right away.

Around this same time, I was bouncing through doctors trying to figure out why my right knee was swelling so bad I could barely bend it most days of the week. There was no injury present and I made my way through two rheumatologists – which was a scary experience as a young mom who is so used to being physically active. The medication side effects were terrifying to me and I also became determined to try alternate solutions. After our initial discussion with Dr. Dave, I decided that my younger son and I would also get scanned and start treatment. We haven’t looked back!

Fast forward two years to today and I’m so thankful that we are all receiving chiropractic care regularly. We have not had to visit the pediatrician for ear pain in over two years now. I’m happy to report that my joint issues are almost non-existent, managed through chiropractic care, diet changes, and trying my best to control stress levels in this crazy parenting journey. I’m back to running regularly, riding bikes, climbing the play structures at the park, and everything else a mom of two active boys should be able to do.
The entire team at HFC is wonderful. They treat us all like family and are genuinely interested in the well being of everyone who walks through the door. I’m so thankful I stumbled upon a testimonial from another patient during one of the most stressful times in our family. Through many changes, most of which were inspired by the HFC crew, I feel like we are thriving and enjoying life raising our boys. Thank you for all you do for us!”


Kindness and Love from Everyone

Photo of LynnI really started to listen to my body when I was treated for an eating disorder in my late teens and early twenties. Despite living a healthy and active life for all of my adult years, I’ve struggled with anxiety, migraines, jaw pain, high blood pressure, fertility problems, severe exhaustion, digestive issues, and brain fog. There was a day and moment in time that told me to stop everything. And most importantly stopping the countless voices of well meaning and some not so well meaning people telling me what I had, who I was, medicines to take, not to take, what I should and should not do. I began keeping a pain and symptom journal and took pictures with my phone of the changes going on in my body.

I try to celebrate the little things in my health everyday. I’ve learned that my body improvements come in many forms and sometimes that includes pain. But with that pain comes knowledge and strength. Chiropractic care encourages my curiosity and empowers the choices I make in my life. It helps keep me open and informed rather than entangled in fear. Every person in the office I’ve encountered has been a fit and a part of something special in my life. Dr. Dave Hopper is wonderful and has been treating me through the good, the bad, the ugly! I’ve always felt kindness and love from everyone. Regardless of how I physically feel, I always leave my appointments positive, empowered and with insight.


Photo of Alex L.

Re-gained Mobility

“I started Chiropractic care due to ongoing neck and upper back pain. The pain has been consistent for going on three years. I have tried sports therapy and different doctors.

I have re-gained almost all mobility in my neck, which has been a big help with my job and exercise.

Everyone has been very patient with my schedule. Staff is extremely welcoming and friendly.”


Back to Myself

Eric photoI’m not sure what happened, but I woke up one morning and I had a stiff back. It could of been when I lifted a car off of a ducks foot that was trapped, or maybe from holding that two story building from collapsing until the contractors arrived to secure it. Maybe it was just from getting out of the car or picking up a napkin off the floor.

All I know is that it slowly progressed into debilitating spasms every 5 minutes. Now I know what it’s like to be in labor giving birth. Everything would cease up and the expression on my face looked like I just ate either a lemon or a chili pepper.

I thought a massage was the answer, I felt a little better but in the morning it was worse than before. I called Dr. Dave and I was there the next morning.
Knowledge is a part of the stress relief and after examining me, Dr. Dave explained what was going on with my back and most importantly laid out the road ahead of me. After the first adjustment, I was finally able to relax some. This was an acute situation for me, it effected everything I did, so any relief was welcome.

He shared with me the timeline, when I would be feeling almost back to normal but not to take that as being healed, there was still more work to be done to correct what my lifestyle had manifested. Dr. Dave was spot on and now I truly am back to my fully functional self.

You don’t fully appreciate your health until you are unable to do the simple things. Thank you Dr. Dave, your knowledge and treatment have brought me back to who I was, very thankful for you and your staff there at Hanson Family Chiro.


Always Greeted With A Smile

Photo of Harley P.“Back pain is the reason why I started chiropractic care. Training for a half Ironman, which these races are new to me, is most likely the reason for my back pain. Being on my bike trainer and bending over for a length of time was something my body was not used to. At its worst it hurt to take a deep breath and that affected everything from training, to more importantly family, wrestling with my boys is a big deal in our house as that is all they want to do.
I’m improving every day with the help of Dr. Dave(s). My back/neck is feeling great right now and I know its because of the attention I’m receiving. Overall it’s helping me to train every day and to get wrestling back on the schedule.
The team always greets you with a smile. They know my family and often ask how they are doing. That makes it really nice when we visit.”


Photo of Amy

My Pain And Stiffness Has Decreased

“I started Chiropractic because my son was already receiving care and I realized it could benefit me as well. I have scoliosis so I had been suffering from back pain and stiffness. I also did a lot of driving for my job which caused a lot of back pain. I had never really done anything about it before because I thought it was just some things I would have to live with since my Scoliosis is so severe. e starting chiropractic care I have a lot less back pain and stiffness. I also have positional vertigo which also improved after receiving care. Dr. Dave is one of the funniest doctors I have met and is always willing to joke around with me. His staff are all a bunch of sweethearts and make me feel so special when I walk in.”


Photo of Hannah G.

A Better Version of Myself

“I started chiropractic care because I was having headaches at least 3 times a day and I also was having lower back pain. I had these issues for several months and it was affecting my work ability and how I was studying for school because I was not sleeping much. In the past I have tried medications to help with the headaches but they still came back.

My headaches have decreased a lot. If I was not in nursing school they would probably be totally gone. My lower back pain is also better. Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life because since my headaches have decreased a tremendous amount I am able to sleep better and be a better version of myself.

Dr. Dave and his team are wonderful! Every visit they are always so welcoming and very happy and upbeat. I always look forward to coming in for appointments.”


Dr. Dave Takes Time to Listen

Photo of Nancy“All my life, I have been a headache sufferer with intense neck tension. It affected me badly in college, especially when taking written exams. My physician put me on muscle relaxers and pain killers for 8 months straight. Whenever I stopped taking them, all my headache-related symptoms returned. I had two rounds of physical therapy and even saw a surgeon for a consultation. Through my 20s, they worsened, especially during each of my pregnancies. I was having about 15 headaches each month. I turned to chiropractic for a hopeful permanent improvement.

Chiropractic changed many things for me. Not only did the adjustments help me feel better, I also learned about nutrition, which led me to remove gluten from my diet. That change drastically decreased my migraines. Chiropractic also opened my eyes to a better way to birth my children. With healthy eating and regular adjustments, I helped my body stay in alignment, which kept my babies in the position they needed to be for a healthy unscheduled delivery. I was able to let my body do what it was created to do. I still suffered some headaches through my pregnancy, but my adjustments greatly improved my daily quality of life. In Dr. Dave’s office with my third pregnancy, I had already been receiving regular adjustments there for a year prior. I experienced minimal lower back pain compared to previous pregnancies, and I slept beautifully through my entire pregnancy – up until the day I delivered. Overall, chiropractic has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle and allowed me to live without constant pain medication.

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Dr. Dave and his team are living proof of what well-rounded health and wellness looks like. They have proven to be a valuable resource for my family’s health with chiropractic care, prenatal and postnatal care, nutrition and overall wellbeing. Dr. Dave takes time to listen and address concerns about my family’s health. The office environment is extremely family-friendly, and it is a fun place to visit. Chiropractic puts the body in its best place to heal itself without medical or chemical interventions. Give it a chance as a first stop option to see if it can help you!”


Everyone At This Office Is Wonderful

Photo of Randi“I came to Dr. Dave’s office with chronic, intermittent neck pain and headaches. This had been present for many years but had been getting worse. It felt like a knife going through the back of my neck and out my eye. The made work difficult and my days very long. I only felt like laying down with my eyes closed. I did not want to do anything else. I tried Tylenol, Icy Hot to take the edge off. If I went to bed with a headache, I just hoped it would be gone by the morning. I rarely get headaches anymore!

I recently gave birth to my first child, a son. Although I did not seek out Dr. Dave for the fertility/pregnancy reasons. I truly believe he played an important part in my health at this time. My pregnancy was uncomplicated and stress free. My delivery, although long, went well! I don’t know if I would have been prepared physically and mentally without Dr. Daves adjustments.

Simply put: everyone at this office is wonderful. It’s so nice to feel that the staff truly loves what they do. I don’t think I’ve ever left Dr. Daves office without a smile on my face.”


I Feel So Much Better!

Photo of Claudia“I have had neck and back pain for 10 years. I took a lot of ibuprofen and had physical therapy which only have temporary relief. I usually ended up with a headache and stiff back and neck after doing anything from sitting, walking, driving, social events, etc.

I feel so much better! Not only my back and neck but I have more energy. I finally sleep better and it has pushed me to want to be all around healthier.

Dr. Dave and the team are great people. Their smiles and energetic positive attitudes are contagious! So helpful and accommodating!”


Photo of Cate P.

No More Headaches

“I started chiropractic care to improve overall health and to reduce headaches (they can be so debilitating!)

Recently I had a headache that lasted well over 24 hours and no matter what I tried (sleep, medicine, herbal support, cold cloth on head, etc) NOTHING worked!!! I walked in to Hanson Family Chiropractic with this horrible headache and after an adjustment, I walked out with NO headache and it never returned!”


My Neck Pain is Reduced

“I started seeing a chiropractor skeptically, not sure it would really help or do anything. I had been experiencing significant neck and back pain for a few months, along with numbness all down my left leg and into my foot, and numbness in my left arm which I blamed on a desk job. I was living with regular pain, it affected my ability to workout, my ability to play with my kids and had me concerned that any strenuous physical activity would lead to further injury and more pain. I was managing pain with Tylenol regularly and when things were more severe with prescription medications for pain and muscle relaxers.

My health has improved since completing treatment! My pain is much reduced. When something does flare up, it also is quicker to improve. My ability to workout has returned with less fear of further injury. It’s hard to describe sometimes, my back just feels better, more relaxed, less stressed. The numbness in my arm has gone, and the numbness in my leg is less constant.

The team at HFC is great, everyone is genuinely kind and always takes time to make sure you feel welcome and cared for. Dr. Dave is always willing to answer questions even when he’s busy and very glad to explain things (in as much or as little detail as desired). Very happy to get to know these people over the course of my care.”


Photo of Holly

Finally a Restful Night’s Sleep

I injured myself about 9 years ago. I have received chiropractic care on a regular basis since then. Hanson Family Chiropractic has made a huge difference in my life. My previous Doctor would adjust me just enough to keep me not in pain until the next visit. Dr. Dave on the other hand not only showed me with scans what was wrong in my body, but actually fixed it!

Since I could feel the difference, I chose to put my daughter under care as well. She was waking up nightly with terrors. Now she has a solid 10 hours of sleep!!

I can finally get a restful night sleep without waking up in pain and my daughter no longer has night terrors!

The team is so friendly and welcoming. They know everyones names and are great with children.


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