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Access Vitality and Experience True Healing

Front coverOver the past 39 years as a physician, healer, and intuitive practitioner, I have come to value and rely on the vital life force energy that is preset within each of us and is responsible for our health and well-being.  Early in my practice, I noticed that patients’ anxieties and negative beliefs could limit their bodies’ capacity to heal. I saw how fear was especially potent. It could obstruct labor, delay wound healing, worsen menopause symptoms, cause cancer to be immune to treatment. On the other hand, I had two memorable patients, who were diagnosed with breast cancer. In both cases, I witnessed their decision to embrace their diagnosis and heal all of the parts of their lives that were out of alignment. In other words, they listened to what their bodies were saying and allowed an opening for the vital energy to produce healing.  Their grace and commitment were powerful to behold, and both are thriving to this day. These patients describe their experience as a turning point that resulted in them becoming more alive. I have had the honor of serving many patients throughout my career who have healed themselves from serious diagnoses, several of whom came to me after they had reversed their Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, or Rheumatoid Arthritis. In every instance, the person experienced a shift from fear to trust in the healing connection. These experiences inspired me to develop ways to facilitate this profound healing.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that programs us to live in our heads, so our fears, anxieties, and near constant mental narration tend to limit this vital force from naturally keeping us healthy and balanced. Because our bodies are obligated to comply with our beliefs, buying into fear of disease can create an opening for that disease. However, when we develop a symptom, illness, or diagnosis, the nature of the affliction can be a message from the body about where we have been cut off from our vitality. When we allow ourselves to consider illness in this way, we can instead use it as an opportunity to have a true healing.

”FrontEnergy Healing is a powerful modality that we currently use in our practice to facilitate profound recovery and healing. Sessions help people shift and release their limitations and any blocks to their vital life force, allowing healing to occur. We have been privileged to help people recover from serious and debilitating issues and come into a more authentic state of aliveness.

In my recently released book, The True Nature of Healing: A Surgeon’s Soul Journey, you will discover a guide to your inner resource of vitality and healing that can be used even when facing serious illness. In this book, I share my personal journey, and stories of patients who have prevailed in challenging medical conditions.

Marilyn Mitchell, M.D.

Founder of HealingSpace Medical Center

  & The Transformational Health Initiative

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