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4 Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

pregnant woman heartWhile most people understand the benefits of chiropractic care in day to day life, some are shocked to learn how incredible adjustments can be for expectant mothers. We know that you might be thinking…

“But won’t a chiropractic adjustment hurt the baby?”

To that, we answer a resounding ‘no’—especially when the chiropractor carrying out your adjustment is trained in techniques specific to pregnant women—and we are! Care with us is extremely gentle for mom and baby, and designed so that you won’t have to lay on your stomach to receive an adjustment.

Below are a few benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant women.

1. Labor—women receiving chiropractic care can experience a reduction in labor times of up to fifty percent as well as decreased labor pain. This can make the entire birthing experience much more pleasant for mom, dad, and the baby.

2. Position—A specific adjustment eliminates sacral misalignment, allowing the baby to find the best possible position for birth. Proper alignment of the pelvis allows for a safer birth for mom and baby.

3. Energy—Regular chiropractic care restores balance to the body and nervous system, improving sleep (yes – comfortable, restful sleep!) and decreasing fatigue. A misalignment can cause pain or result in carrying your weight inefficiently. Even a mild discomfort can reduce your mental and physical energy. Like many moms that have visited our office, it is possible to regain the energy you need to go about your daily life – keeping up with your toddler, and your career, and all of life’s obligations while experiencing ease well into your third trimester!

4. Comfort—chiropractic care delivers gentle adjustments to the spine, pelvis, and ligaments resulting in decreased pain and discomfort throughout your pregnancy. Women even prefer to continue visiting us after giving birth to help with the transition of their body post-partum.

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