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Boy Holding Tummy

Stomach Disorders

Chiropractic is not a “treatment” for digestive issues. However, many who suffer from constipation, gas, diarrhea, or just an upset stomach report improvement by receiving chiropractic care. So why is this?

The gut-brain connection heralded by chiropractors was once anecdotal, but now has volumes of research behind it that show how intricately these two systems are connected. There are even more neural connections in our GI system than in our brains!

So why would stress (subluxations) in the nervous system affect the GI tract? Because of the strong connection between the brain and the gut, upset stomachs are often the first symptom in any patient with a neurological condition. Just ask the parent of a child with autism (the mother of all neurological conditions) if their child has any issues in the bathroom.

How can a chiropractor help? By adjusting the spine a chiropractor is able to eliminate the stress (subluxations) on the nervous system. Once the nervous system has calmed down it can properly send messages to the GI tract. Once the GI tract is receiving the right information from the brain, it will begin to function as it should – and the GI discomfort will resolve.

When a Tummy Ache Isn’t Just a Tummy Ache

But don’t take a chronically upset stomach lightly. 80% of our immune function happens in our GI tract. So what may seem like a minor nuisance could usher in a much more serious condition.