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Batavia Chiropractor – Meet Dr. Dave Hopper

Dr. Hopper with his son

Dr. Dave Hopper

Dr. Dave is a friendly, positive person and values his family and friends above all. He loves his wife, Brooke, his son, Jobin, and his two other furry “sons” – his dogs Taegan and Mullygan. Dr. Dave resides in Batavia, and you can usually find him and his family on the river trail, at the downtown Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning, or the Turf Room for a spontaneous date night with his wife.

Being nature-lovers and adventure-seekers, Dr. Dave and his family enjoy anything that gets them outdoors. They love camping, hiking, kayaking, biking and bonfires. Dr. Dave, his wife and their dogs have tent-camped across the entire country. They look forward to bringing Jobin to more of their favorite “local” spots in the UP and lower Michigan.

Dr. Dave also enjoys wood working. He loves the process of crafting something from nothing, or re-purposing old materials. Dr. Dave has made many different things from furniture to wall art and gag gifts!

A New Father

Dr Hopper hikingOn June 21st, 2017, Dr. Dave’s life was changed forever. His wife, Brooke, delivered their son, Jobin, and they were thrilled! Now Dr. Dave makes it a top priority to spend as much time as he can with his son, even if it’s just changing his diaper. As every parent knows, no one can really prepare you for how much a baby changes your life, but Dr. Dave has fully embraced the change and he couldn’t be happier! “Jobin has changed me from a man who was literally scared of babies to a guy who loves holding them!”

Live What You Love

Dr. Hopper balancing on a logDr. Dave is an experienced fitness expert and professional athlete, and is committed to his daily exercise route at 5am every morning. Growing up his family instilled the importance of regular activity and exercise. Dr. Dave’s mom is a Marathon Maniac and has completed well over 70 marathons. His father is a gym rat and loves lifting weights.

Dr. Dave started playing ice hockey at the age of three and was playing central states-level by high school. He also studied several styles of martial arts and boxing that would later lead to his professional fighting career. In his mid-teens, he became a personal trainer at a local gym. When he was a sophomore in college, he had the opportunity to turn professional as a mixed martial arts fighter. His first pro fight was in Costa Rica, and he won first place! He continued his pro fighting career for another four years and he loved every second of it. His fighting career came to an end when he broke his right hand for the fifth and final time. Dr. Dave loves being pushed to his physical limits and instills that passion for fitness in every patient.

During his fighting career, he became frustrated with training devices and invented Power Punch Gloves as a tool for fighters to increase punching speed and power. The product became a hit in the group fitness industry and has been sold around the globe! Power Punch Gloves is now owned by Hit It! Fitness and can be purchased online.

A Chiropractic Inspiration

Dr. Dave with his wife

Dr. Dave and his wife met in a boxing class.

Dr. Dave wanted to be a doctor since he was a child, mainly because he enjoys helping others. He finds it easy to listen to people’s concerns and enjoys guiding his patients to discover their own answers to their health challenges. He has always held the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself, avoid sickness, injury, and pain if given the “secret formula” of proper nutrition, regular exercise and plenty of relaxation.

Dr. Dave met chiropractor, Dr. Greg Schulte, while he was in high school. He was excited to learn from Dr. Schulte that chiropractors actually shared his beliefs about the human body. He expanded Dr. Dave’s understanding of health by explaining how the brain (the master controller of the body) did all of its communication via the spinal cord, and any interference to that communication could be detrimental to a person’s health – even in those who ate healthy and exercised regularly! Dr. Dave knew right then that he wanted to become a chiropractor, so he could change as many lives as possible.

Chiropractic, Sleeping & Breathing

Dr. Dave is always striving to go to the next level, always learning and ever-evolving. In addition to family chiropractic care, he has a strong passion for and focus on obstructive sleep apnea, snoring and breathing. He has conducted his own research and is published in this area. He developed the OSA Defense Program with natural, proven solutions. This program can be used in conjunction with patients who use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or oral appliances. Dr. Dave is passionate for conservative treatment of OSA which lead him to pursue additional training and certification as an Oral Myofunctional Therapist. Oral Myofunctional Therapists help resolve difficult cases involving jaw pain, sleep apnea, and other oral habits.

He’d Love to Meet You

Dr. Hopper holding his sonDr. Dave loves meeting new people and helping them in any way possible! He considers each patient a friend and values every new relationship he forms. It is Dr. Dave’s mission to help you find your way back to optimal health or maintain your current optimal health. Give us a call to set up your consultation with Dr. Dave Hopper.