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Breastfeeding Support in Batavia

Breastfeeding: Good for Your Baby and for You!

Breastfeeding Support in BataviaMany baby formula manufacturers would have you believe that their brand of baby formula is most like mother’s milk. Fortunately, the only thing that’s most like mother’s milk is mother’s milk and formula companies can try as hard as they want, but they’ll never be able to duplicate perfection!

The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous, for both mother and baby, probably because it’s the way nature intended it to be! Let’s start with a look at some of the more compelling reasons to breastfeed your baby.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby

  • Likelihood of higher IQs and academic achievement as they get older
  • Less prone to illness because of exposure to their mothers’ immunities and antibodies that fight disease
  • Decreased risk for Crohn’s disease, allergies, asthma, bacterial meningitis, ear infections, respiratory infections, vision problems, obesity, SIDS, and certain cancers
  • Perfect form of infant nutrition that is human species-specific and more easily digested than infant formula; composition of breast milk changes over time to meet baby’s developmental needs
  • Instant availability of nourishment that is always the right temperature with the right combination of fat, carbohydrates and protein
  • Physical and emotional bonding with their mothers and feelings of security and comfort that come from frequent close contact

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother

  • Reduced risk for endometrial, ovarian, uterine and breast cancers
  • More rapid post-pregnancy weight loss and return of uterus to normal pre-pregnancy size
  • More time – no need to wash bottles, prepare formula, heat bottles to proper temperature, etc.
  • Ability to satisfy your baby’s hunger immediately; sole responsibility for baby’s nutrition and weight gain is a real self-confidence booster
  • Peace of mind – no need to worry about bacteria and other contaminants, formula recalls, “testing” formulas until you get the right one, making sure you have enough formula, running out of formula
  • Cost savings – no need to purchase equipment, formula, etc., along with fewer illnesses and resulting doctor visits (breastfed babies are healthier)

If you are pregnant and/or nursing and you have questions, please contact us so we can address your concerns or direct you to the proper resources for assistance!